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I want to write today about an exciting new development that I think has the potential to take the world of Crypto trading to a new level, in keeping with the central philosophy of the blockchain - decentralisation.

SuperNET brings together people and projects who share a passion for freedom and decentralisation. They are breaking down artificial barriers between people, businesses, and societies. They already have two great projects which are explained below and I believe that they are just the beginning.
Trading crypto is an amazingly powerful tool that enables people around the world to exchange value “Coins”. We trade coins which bring privacy, efficiency and ease to our real life. Despite all the decentralised coins, we trade them on centralised exchanges such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Novaexchange and even Kraken. These aren't 100 percent safe, its kind of ironic but it’s a fact we have to live with, at least until now.
The solution is Agama, a decentralized exchange which is on your own computer where you basically hold your private key! Everything inside it works seamlessly and is decentralized from the ground up. Agama has many features which makes it the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet on the market:

  • Bitcoin compatible / Supports all Bictoin compatible coins and any blockchain created within our platform.
  • Basilisk mode /A decentralized lightweight mode that allow users to use the app instantly without any blockchain download.
  • Rapid syncing / Fast blockchain syncs powered by a new Bitcoin protocol.
    -Parallel syncing / An ability to sync multiple coins within the multi-coin wallet.
    -Decentralized exchange / Easily exchange cryptocurrencies via a ShapeShift like service.
  • Komodo wallet / A native Komodo wallet gives you an access to anonymous payments.
  • Multicoins wallet / Store your coins without a counterparty risk.
  • Atomic explorer / An universal local explorer
    These are fairly technical details, perhaps developers and tech guys will understand better than me, but what I do understand is that the FUTURE IS NOW and we are living in an amazing time in history where everything going to be decentralized sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time.
    Komodo Platform $KMD #KMD is an amazing project, worth spending time understanding.
    The project’s lead developer: jl777 is the brains behind the SuperNET project. He is an extremely gifted C developer with financial experience and a clear vision for the future of crypto. His advice is often sought after by other crypto projects and he is known to closely follow the developments of the whole crypto space.
    He has been a very active member in forums, NXTforum, forum, in his own Steemit site and of course in SuperNET slack. The SuperNET ICO began on Saturday 6th of September 2014 and the development has continued ever since.
    After joining the BitcoinDark community he eventually became its lead developer. The vision was to create a privacy centric cryptocurrency, which now has led to the announcement and development of Komodo.
    -Community manager : Audo
    -Administrative assistant : Polycryptoblog
    -Head of security : Ca333
    -Iguana developer : Nazmul Alam (fadedreamz)

You can find the rest of the team and the details of all of them on the official Komodo website :

But what about Komodo (KMD) which is the most interesting thing for us. This is the native currency of the SuperNET Ecosystem. Would you be surprised if I told you that this coin has three awesome features? I don't think so. Because we have understood that SuperNET team is extremely talented:

  • Private / Anonymous transactions will be encrypted on the blockchain with zero knowledge proofs. No one can find out who sent a transaction, the value of the transaction, or to whom it was sent. The transaction metadata is encrypted and zero-knowledge proof construction, called a zk-SNARK, is used to prove that no double-spending is taking place.

  • Secure / Komodo blockchain achieves Bitcoin level security through an innovation called ‘delayed Proof of Work’ (dPoW). Komodo Platform notarizes its blockhashes into the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, the Komodo Platform can provide the same security layer to any other third-party blockchain. In that case, the notarizations are done to the Komodo blockchain.

  • Stable / Komodo coins can be converted into 32 different Komodo Currencies. These currencies are pegged to local fiat currencies, and thus maintain a stable value. Each currency has its own blockchain, and in that respect behave just like any other cryptocurrency. The Komodo Currencies are easy to integrate into the existing blockchain infrastructure, and they offer a stepping stone into the world of cryptocurrency.

Alright, we have the best decentralized exchange, a coin with amazing features and a Team with the ambition and tools to solve existing socio-economical problems through decentralized technologies and pave the way for a prosperous society. So be sure that this is only the beginning.

This is one of the top picks for 2017/2018 that will grow exponentially with more business cases, partners, community support and other developers in this space.

                     CWF           (

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