How to earn more with QoinPro?

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QoinPro is free to earn digital coins like BTC and LTC. You get a very small amount a day. This amount would not become a minimum amount to withdraw even after a year.

So, is there any way to make it little big? The team has just answered about this.

  • Deposits instantly trigger daily interest (for now)
  • Deposit DOGE, receive 3% more
  • Participate in Airdrops - PlannerScape (Earn 10 PLAN)
  • Refer others, earn more, up to 7 levels deep
  • Post-fork UBTC procedure, claim your UBTC
  • Leave an honest review, earn a 15% bonus to your free daily coins
  • Install our Android App, earn 15% more daily coins
  • Stay an active member, loyalty bonus increases daily coins by 0.1% per day

What's coming soon:

  • Additional airdrops (many)
  • Additional badges, opportunities to earn bonuses
  • Android and iOS App
  • Browser mining
  • ERC-20 token support

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Deposits instantly trigger 0.105% daily interest (for now)

Daily interest is paid from past airdrops, past forks (there were 80+ last year), and arbitrage returns on those proceeds. When this runs out, the daily interest stops, so be fast if you want to take advantage of this.

Join the PlannerScape Telegram Groups to earn 10 PLAN tokens

Join both the PlannerScape Telegram Community Group and Announcements group to earn 5.00000000 PLAN tokens each for a total of 10.00000000 PLAN. The tokens are added to your QoinPro within 24 hours automatically once you join and engage in the groups.

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Refer Others, earn more!

As usual, most programs have a referral system to grow earnings/reward. Here QoinPro does the same, so you can grow by referring friends and family.

The fastest way to earn more in the long term is to refer your friends to QoinPro. For every referral, you'll receive a percentage of the coins they receive, as well as from their referrals, and theirs, and theirs, etc. Up to 7 levels deep. There is no maximum to the number of referrals you can have.

Stay Active, receive 0.1% extra daily coins

They have a loyalty bonus applied to the daily coins you receive that increases by 0.1% every day. All you have to do is stay active. That means, login, logout, make deposits, engage the community, do withdrawals, use their App, etc.

Join if you have no a/c there

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