JSE coin - my experience after 4 days...

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

First of all I just want to say thank you to @bluerivercard for presenting me JSE coin..
Wanna check that project and get FREE 0.5 JSE ? Just go to https://goo.gl/x4UpVx
What is JSE?
Coin for mainly webmaster who want to monetize their websites by helping to secure JSE network. You're not a webmaster? Don't panic, you still got a chance to mine this coin.

What is a roadmap of this project?
EDIT: Roadmap could be found in whitepaper: https://jsecoin.com/whitepaper.pdf

Announcement of JSE?
Information about JSE coin only available on their site: https://jsecoin.com/ or blog: https://jsecoin.com/blog/

What is your hash rate?
On laptop:
On PC (my best was a little bit higher than 1000hp/s):

What is 'website mining'?
You are just paste code before < /body> and getting paid in JSE for website views.

What your JSE earnings looks like?
After 4 days, I was using about 16h/day.. so yeah I know that I could get more JSE
The earnings are from platform and website mining.

Where I can buy JSE coin?
The project is on early development but you can buy JSE on pre-ICO on their site after registration. Price is 1 USD = 1 JSE.
You can buy them by PayPal, BTC/ETH or bank wire transfer.

What I like in this project so far?
You can mine it using your browser (remember that when you minimalize your browser card the hash rate is falling into 10-30hp/s, so keep that in mind to keep in the background browser card on which are you mining JSE).
The team saying openly about risk in investing money into new project that are in early stage, so for that big positive feedback from me.

Still want to register? Go here: https://goo.gl/x4UpVx
If you want some JSE, just type here your e-mail on JSEcoin platform.. for referral's obviously predicted some bonuses :)

Keep that project in mind, JSE could be big in future.
Best regards,

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I started mining JSE yesterday on my laptop while mining Superior Coin. No problem. I got .125 JSE already.

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That's great. We're grateful you're sharing with the community.

Hi there. Did you tried it on your website? How many users you have an dhow much you earn per day?


About 0.055JSE/100 unique hits counted
I can't say how much per day because in my opinion earnings per day are dropping from day to day.


Have you seen any slow down of the page? This is very interesting but I'm concerned it will effect my page load time.


on my laptop maybe just a little bit, on PC no

I am trying to mine on the website. It's is showing I have a hash rate of about 500hp/s but I don't seem to be accumulating anything at all. How long should I have to let it mine to get any amount at all? I'm stuck on 0 earnings.


Hi, Time and a faster computer help build your coins faster. Im running an I7 Toshiba Laptop doing approx 3000hps


How can you tell what hashrate it’s running at? It says max hashrate on mine is 500hps but it shows a graph that only goes up to 100. I’ve let it run a several hours and it always says 0 hashes found. Is my computer just not fast enough to compete? It’s a Dell Inspiron not an expensive one but it’s new.


I advise to use PC and maximum Hash Rate Acceleration (9) in Settings


I turned it up to 9 in the settings and let it run several hours and it still says 0 hashes found. I wonder if my laptop is to slow to compete. It is a new Dell Inspiron not very expensive one.


Did you minimalize window in which you have got opened self-mining interface?
If yes your hash rate is droping to 10-30hp/s level and surely you won't mine anything


No I didn’t. It’s strange I can’t get my laptop to mine any but I finally got my iPhone to mine at it is mining at a consistent rate of around 4000hps. I didn’t think my phone would go that high. The laptop says max hashrate is 500hps and is operating at 100% but it never even does the hashrate speed test and it doesn’t say anything in the info box on my laptop.

I used your link to sign up, and did not receive .5 from you. Not sure what's up with that.


i was wondering what he meant by that too; i just signed up to start using this on my site the other day ---- am looking around here to see who else is familiar -

This coin will be worth at least $2-3 after hitting exchanges. I'm going to invest few bitcoins in it but I'm going to wait a little bit longer, I think I will make a pretty big invest just before pre-ICO ends. Easy money.


how do you feel about this assessment a month later?? ---- would love to know

Is it possible to sell/exchange JSEcoin? Because I could't find any exchanger that is has JSEcoin


Am thinking this coin/ICO may be a scam... too easy to mine and all that


i agree, still early to invest on jsecoin i think.


I currently mined 370 of JSE coin... but now difficulty is massively increased. I really think that the JSEcoin coul be worh a lot when it comes to exchanges...

I've got 10 JSE. I haven't been letting it run in the background all day lately though.