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Below is a nice chart of the current market cap of crypto for the last week. It amazes me that in one week that the amount of money in crypto has gone up over 21% since the last week, and the week before was the same percentage gain. With ~23 weeks left in the year, and 20 billion a week, by the end of the year it potentially be 575 Billion (Probably More).

1 Week Market Cap

Low ~92 Billion
High ~113 Billion

14 Days Ago (Gained 20 Billion)

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Thanks for sharing

Well let's just say lots of people are feeling the crypto mania squeeze. Your printed out of thin air fiat is about to disappear. Feds plan to raise rates to prove their confidence.
Only thing that's gaining confidence is crypto currency. And there seems to be more of us trading in our worthless dollars into future fortunes!

slowly but surely people are waking up ... ;-) thanks for the info, cool post :)

Wow 575 billion by the end of the year is amazing! I believe it could be. Thanks for the calculation

Nice article, maybe a little short.

I would be interested to hear your opinion on the alleged bubble. Is there too much dumb money in $crypto?

People follow pumping coins and projects blindly. I know I do - it's just too much of a hustle to research it all. (When I go big for a project, of course I do my research).

Do not underestimate the importance of real substance behind the numbers. One day they will be tested.

Cheers, @alexanarcho

I'll make an article about this in the near future.

Wow, excellent. Things are growing nicely in the 2 weeks since I have been here. I take all the credit ;-)

thanks for sharing

nice posts my friend

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Keep pumping up!