Until when bitcoin price is going to go up?


There are lots of opinions indicating that until mid November when the hardware fork for Segwit2x takes place, the price is going to rise.

Mean while the investors will hold to their investment to make more profits which they can use when the dropping takes place to buy more altcoins.

Until now, this has been the normal procedure in the market but I believe the real question should be, how far the prices will drop?

Are they going to pass the old baseline for each major coin or they are going to establish a new one?

Don’t forget that there are still some coins such as Golem and ETC which has not really recuperated themselves from the last big drop.

Another thing which has come to my mind is, maybe after mid November; all the coin prices take a short pre-winter sleep? This could be a short one for some and a longer one for others.

At the same time I have a good feeling that we might hear some good news from China as they will be approaching their new year in February 2018.

In a country which nearly 75% of the bitcoin is being mind, is a hard price to pay mining and don’t have official plan for it, which will leave them with black market.

Now days, there are some unofficial news of black market trading between China and India, where there is a great demand for bitcoin.

What will happen to the market on weekend?

Well, the interest of trading is there but maybe in small amount, even though I believe comparing it with other weekends (specially the recent ones) is going to be much higher.

At the same time, I believe that the price of the coins will rise during next week but not as fast as it has done this week.

We will see the market growing slowly each week until mid November, which could be positive news at the time of price falling.

If you have lots of bitcoin or any major coins and worried about the drop of prices, invest in gold or silver or any program which you can see that it has a possibility of giving you a good earnings or just take it out in fiat money.

These sorts of rise and fall are always on the menu and that is why we should have a plan to cover these situations better each time, when they come up.

For time being, I am holding and in a few days time I am going to invest in some programs and try to keep whatever is left.

Please make me give me your opinions which I really appreciate it.

Thank you.