How to become a small investor in cryptocurrency (Beginners Guide-Part 14)?


Which are other useful coins in the market?

In previous articles I wrote about airdrop coins and I received many emails asking me to talk about similar coins in the market.

There are other coins such as Tether which is a one Tether equivalent to one Dollar, but recently had some issues as when the market went down a few weeks ago, a large number of investors found refugee by buying this coin but at the end when the market was back to normal, there was not enough money for all the investors at the same time.

So a large number of them had to wait for a short time for their money, but at the end the problem was resolved and now the Tether officials have indicated that they have more additional capital.

ICOs tokens.

There are some ICOs which offer their tokens at the start such as Reglacoin which was around 0.90 cent and now is around $20.

In a few of my articles I have talked about Neo and as you know I consider it a profitable coin but in a short term period unless the situation gets cleared in China.

But still it has lots of possibilities and it can go very far as the Neo authorities went to Japan a few months ago and had a great campaign in that country.

Why the price of bitcoin is going up slowly?

Well, in October 25th and 1st of November, there will be two forks. The first one is Bitcoin Gold and the second one is going to be the hardware part of Segwit2x.

As there is a possibility that their developers give free coins (depending how much bitcoin you have?), people are buying more and more bitcoin.

Until today, the only things we know are the dates and there is no more information but keep looking and do your search if you are interested.

Is Ripple losing fuel?

The truth is that many people do not trust ripple very much as it used by banks and the impression is that it can be manipulated easy when they want.

But, on the other hand there are some very important banks that are supporting it and I believe it will have a good future.

Is Litecoin going to grow?

As you might know litecoin had its Segwit long time ago and now that bitcoin has past it too, there is a big possibility that litecoin follows it, but I don’t believe that it will reach the price range as bitcoin or bitcoin cash for time being.

What is happening to Dash?

For a long period of time, dash has been a great refugee for investors in the past a few months and as a result its price range has grown tremendously.

Now there are other possibilities in the market such as new coins which cost very less and can give profits above 10% or more.

But I also believe that if the bitcoin cash is in the same price range as now, dash will reach it by end of this year or in the first three months of next year.

Who would have believed that dash will reach the ethereum price a month ago?

What to mine at the present time on my PC?

I would suggest mine the new coins which are coming out and nearly they don’t have any difficulty yet. But always download the wallet for the coin in question from its own site as I have heard of sites which redirect you to the official site.

What do I think about ethereum at the present time?

I would suggest not mining ethereum and instead if you like, buying some and keep it. I think right now there are more coins with which you can gain more than ethereum.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………………………


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