Poloniex is Like a Skidmark....Staining the Underpants of Crypto-Society

I just have one question....Okay I apologize for lying....Two questions...

@Poloniex....Are you for real???

To my fellow Steemians...What exchanges are your favorites and best choices for trading and investing into crypto?

Screenshot 2017-07-01 01.59.21.png

Much love...from a frustrated Steemian,


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I use Poloniex just to get some currencies exchanged that i don't have on Kraken. I think Kraken has a long history with cryptocurrency, so it should be safe to use and i never had uptime issues there. But i have to tell you that Kraken is not so rich of currencies, thats why i have to use Poloniex.
I hope this helps.


Does Kraken have a lot more selection to choose from?


No Poloniex has more coins, kraken has all the big ones.