Why Masternode Coins Will Outpace All Other Crypto's

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

I believe Masternode coins will be the best performers in cryptocurrency in the near short-term. While all other altcoins and bitcoin has been crashing, most all of the Masternode coins have been in the green and making fantastic returns as the rest of the market is contracting with a bear-ish trend with the upcoming uncertainty about about possible bitcoin fork on August 1st.

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode is basically a Proof of Stake method of securing the blockchain that has a minimum amount of coins someone must own to be vested. This is especially true for the altcoins with smaller market caps. With masternode's the greatest payout is made by maintaining the minimum amount of coins to sustain the masternode. It is like a stock that pay's dividends. One must keep their minimum stake in the coin to make the most profits. This helps prevent the pump and dump that plagues other cryptocurrencies especially those with a lower market cap.

One only needs to look at the recent history of Chaincoin...if you invested $1000 into Chaincoin only a week ago. You would have made over $30,000. Another much more known about Masternode coin would be Dash. Dash is going to be a game changer, a Dash masternode provides nearly $1000/month in passive income. With the price increase of Dash, a Dash masternode now costs over $200,000....A bit out of reach for the average steemian.

There is however one such Masternode that is much more affordable. Syndicate (SYNX) has been making massive gains, but is still at an affordable price point if one does want the ability to obtain their very own masternode. I have spent a lot of time researching these types of coins, and I think the short-term and long-term potential in these Masternode coins is very strong.

Goodluck in all your investing goals fellow Steemians.

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I wish there was a Masternode with an actual product to invest in... every "community" is in a frenzy. What happened to the days of sustainable growth?

Other masternode coins with potential to explode are terracoin, flaxscript, and even monetary unit. I wouldn't suggest dumping all your money on either, but buying a hundred coins at the moment would be wise in my opinion.

These are just coins that are well below a dollar that, with the right community, have 10x-1000x potential. Get in while the market caps are still low.

So you think Masternode is here to stay?


Just to comment: I think it is something that can stabilize the market after the excitement dies. If any of these coins can develop halfway decent prices, then investors will be drawn to the idea. Additionally, they are high risk due to everyone trying to get rich quick.