I made $10,000+ in Crypto the last month without investing a single penny. Crying tears of Joy.

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So, about a month ago, while browsing the bitcointalk forums, I stumbled over a chest of buried treasure. While soaking up more crypto knowledge, I stumbled upon the post about a free airdrop. I figured meh...what the heck, I have nothing to lose, sure ill join your airdrop DeepOnion. I'll support your coin and your mission...It took no effort but to add a signature code, and continue doing what I was already doing on the forums.

So fast forward...a month. And here I am absolutely thrilled. I originally thought the DeepOnion coin would end up being some kind of worthless shitcoin. But oh behold. Here I am one month later, and after recieving three air drops of coins. I am now sitting upon a small fortune. After three weeks of participating, I have 1142.13 Onions. The DeepOnion community has grown to be incredibly devoted due to the terms the Dev team created in regards to the airdrop. As long as a participant contributes to the growth of the community, they are handsomely rewarded.

Screenshot 2017-08-27 23.30.16.png

I just tonight decided to check to see what my free airdrop Onions were worth, and low and behold. My Onions are for more valuable than I ever would have thought. I checked Coinmarketcap.com tonight, and take a look at this....

Screenshot 2017-08-27 23.28.08.png

My Deeponions which cost me nothing but three weeks of supporting the community are now worth $2638 USD. This is literally after only 3 weeks of receiving air-dropped coins. I thank the developers for creating such an incredible opportunity and such a fair method of dispersing the coins.

This is just one of the two goldmines that I stumbled upon. The other has caused me to make $8000 USD with just a weekend of my time, zero investment (Hint it involved ICO's). If you would like to learn more about how to participate in the DeepOnion airdrop, and learn about the other awesome opportunities in crypto space. Feel free to follow me. I plan on writing more articles going further into detail about how to participate in this airdrop, and also discussing the other method that generated over $8000 USD with just a weekend of my time.

I will give away an 0.5 Deeponion to anyone who upvotes, follows, and then resteems this post (Max 10 participants). (Participants must have at least 10 followers).

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how everybody is whoring here for just 0.5 Deeponion :DDD my fcking god

LMAO. Please give my 0.5ONION to someone who is new to the family. Please give it to anyone who likes my msot :)

Deep Onion keep going up:

Go look at the price, and what happened today. Also, it appears like there may be some fake profiles upvoting and Resteeming.

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed. Give my .5 to someone else, I also received airdrop :)

I bet your especially excited after today, Did you take a look at the prices?

haha yes, every half hour or so

Still what like 44 weeks of airdrops left??? This is a gamechanger coin.

33 I think. Still plenty :D

wow! can you share it with me?

The price of the Onions have more than quadrupled this week. And have doubled since I created this post. My Onions are worth over $5000 now. :3

Screenshot 2017-08-29 15.59.19.png

Participants must have at least 10 followers to receive the free Onions. It looks like someone may have created multiple Steemit accounts just to receive giveaway Onions. I am looking for followers that participate on the platform and will possibly engage my content in the future. I will do more giveaways in the future also.

Upvoted, followed and resteemed -


I sent you 0.5 Onions, ty for the follow, and welcome to Steemit, I see that your pretty new to the platform.

We are definitely blasting off to the moon :D Just HODL your coins guys.

We sure are :) HODL!!

I followed, resteemed and liked your post. Just a pitty i'ts only for thos who have 10 or more followers :( ..Anyhow, nice article ;)

There will be further giveaways, feel free to be more active on Steem and gain more followers, its an incredible platform that pays you :D

Upvoted.. Followed & Resteemed

Unfortunately you didn't resteem, and your account looks to be brand new with no followers. You have to have at least 10 followers.

Upvoted.. Followed and Resteemed!


You need to have at least 10 followers to participate

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Late for the $$$ but still upvoting and following it out of passion and interest lol

i have to learn about this airdrop thing i dont want to cry later ;)

upvote follow resteem


Hi @cryptounicorn, many thanks for sharing this info. Just read this today. Will need to digest and understand the entire thing. Wanna resteem but no button to do it. Anyway have upvoted and followed you. Have a Nice Day!

Upvoted.. Followed & Resteemed

I sent it.... 0.5 Onion coming your way.

Received ... Thank You ! Watching out for more posts from you :)

Thanks, I appreciate it :D

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Upvoted, followed and resteemed -


I sent it, 0.5 Onion coming your way.

thanks, got it :)

Amazing item regarding DeepOnion. Upclicked.

You need to have at least 10 followers to participate, your almost there, I bet you could get to 10 easily if you engaged some others content :D

Upvoted and resteemed and followed


You need to have at least 10 followers to participate

Got 10 followers now :):):):)

It's too bad we can't get some airdrops here!

Not everyone has a qualifying account there. I should open one, this sounds like it would be the most lucrative. Like way over generous? :)

It was like be in the right place at the right time kinda thing I suppose. The community being built around the DeepOnions are the reason they are gaining so much value.


I will definitely check them out!

I think there will surely be other airdrop coins in the future, maybe you should create a bitcointalk account, there's plenty of gold in there.

Upvoted, followed and resteemed - DccYt2pJ9ZKSca4UEy7fkcBppwnE7SZ7x1

I sent it :)


You need to have at least 10 followers to participate

Upvoted, followed & resteemed

You have no followers, and it looks like your account was created to just get the free giveaway, unfortunately you need to have at least 10 followers to get the Onions.

too late rigth???
Upvoted, followed and resteemed -DenxKujsWJMYq2AD47rxUvvjgosVgGDK4w

Not too late if you followed the directions, only 4 thus far got them, that means still 6 left.

already upvote , follow and resteem ,


thanks anyway

You need to have at least 10 followers to participate

i am also full of enjoy with regards to the trend the onion is taking right now... and i know it will continue to do so in the future...


Ty, its definitely been a surprise to see today that the Onions are almost $5

Really nice! I love woman in crypto! Make Crypto great again! Let your Onions grow!


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You need to have at least 10 followers to participate

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Hope Im on time for the Airdrop.


Sent them :D

Upvoted.. Followed & Resteemed!


Sent them :D

Followed, upvoted and resteemed.


You need to have at least 10 followers to participate, I can see that your account isn't a fake account though. I will honor your free Onions once you have those 10 though... Welcome to Steemit

Upvoted and resteemed. I am pretty new to Onion and Steeming too getting used to all the things and ofc that half onion would make me smile =) DmkSkLw17NYqAxSm6YgPg2vuCy85DbCeCD

Sent them, you met the requirements.

haha thanks for my first onion

A good one! But can't be part of the airdrop community thanks to the account age rule.

Yeah, that's a shame, its definitely turned out to be quite a lucrative airdrop.

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upvoted, followed, resteemed

Done all and have 10 followers ;)



how to resteem it?

Thanks for sharing.
I'm also planning to tell my DeepOnion story on Steemit :)

Good story.
Unfortunately my DeepOnion wallet is not connetcting, neither on Mac nor on PC, and nobody can help with this) (asked this on BTT forum and on Reddit)
Really sad, because I tried more than 20 Cryptocurrencies and this is the first time I see such bag (and I tried it on several computers)

Actually, after posting this comment I decided to try once again and found this article

And it worked! So everything is fine, and I have now DeepOnion on Mac!
My address is: DgvGhpzLz5vPYCwpn8jzHKEQA7fHyonZj6

That is so awesome! Congrats! I've resteemed, followed and upvoted :D
Thank you for the contribution to the community, you're a great person for this!

luck you!


hey bud, upvoted and followed and everything I come from deeponion.

Here is my onion address :)

Upvoted.. Followed and Resteemed!
http://cryptovore.com/2017/07/12/what-is-deeponion-and-how-can-i-get-them-mining-free-airdrops/ full info

followed you to keep in tune with new posts

are you making new deeponion giveaways? :D



What ico was the one who gave you 8k?

Upvoted your post.


Upvoted, followed and resteemed!


You need to have at least 10 followers to participate


What is this other thing that allowed you to make 8k$?

upvoted, followed, resteemed

hey, is this still up or was I already too late?