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RE: Dash vs Monero

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

It amazes me that anyone in the space would be devolving to banter equivalent to video game chat. Anyways - thanks for the article; I started CPU mining XMR do you see that as profitable (I know its based on each person's electricity etc)? At this rate I might make $1 in a month!


Indeed, honesty bring people further than lies, even if Dash is weaker, covering up this fact with character attacks and bullying is not a good solution. They should be fixing that, even Dash can adopt the Monero technology if they wanted too, but instead they are stuck in this stubbornness.

I am not a miner but I believe XMR is only profitable with dedicated GPU mining. Most people I have seen all have their GPU mining rigs with the latest ATI videocards. I don't think you can outmatch them with a CPU.

But you should do your own calculations and see for yourself if it's profitable or not.

Yeah for 1$/month forget it. If you are not making at least 500$, then I don't think it's good. There is also amortization cost, if the machine breaks down it has to be repaired or replaced, so that has to be considered too.

Thanks for the insight!