To the Bounty Hunter
As we have in our milestones, we want to be a community where bounty hunters are regarded as part of the success of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. This can be achieved only if we have majority of the bounty hunters on board and agree to participate in bounties managed on this forum. Bounty hunters are not given the needed respect in the cryptospace. No one cares whether they are paid or not. Coming together to form a strong army against this attitude will be very crucial in moments like this. We entreat you to inform your friends about our plans for them and why they should join this community to achieve it.
Happy Hunting

To the Crypto Investor
Investing in crypto is very risky but with little research, one can eliminate some projects in the list of projects to invest. Our advice is that always invest what you can afford to lose. Do not put all your money in one project because they promise huge returns. People have tried out many ways to put an end to scam activities in crypto but to no avail. We assure every investor, especially, those who do not have enough time to do some research on projects before investing that our team (Anti-scam agents) will do this job for them. What they will be doing is just to help you eliminate most of the projects. We entreat you to inform your friends to this forum to make this successful.

Hello dear community members,
For your information, Signature campaign will end on 23/12/2018. Meanwhile, all other campaigns will continue until further notice.
We will launch our first ever local board contest starting from 1/1/2019. All members are to get prepared for this. If your local board is not in the list of boards, pm me(@CTWadmin on telegram or here) to create your local board.
Moderators are advised to start organizing their members and preparing them for the competition. Details about the competition will be out soon.

In the meantime, this is what I want moderators and local board members to do:

  1. Inform your friends about our forum
  2. Shown them our ongoing bounties
  3. Let them get ready for the local board contest

CTW forum will be successful if we have a hardworking anti-scam team. Apply for anti-scam agent here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkpBUH-lsgdhGJzyeYZTkyX2hVdn5l6DTrzVQmiHYIl_bruw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Our listing on etherflyer was to make the tokens available on the exchanges. In which case, our members can sell or buy the tokens from the exchanges. We do not want the situation where project managers will be buying the tokens from us.
We have not stopped with the exchange applications, we are doing our best to get listed in more exchanges.
In case you do not have our trading link, go here: https://www.etherflyer.com/trade.html?pairs=CTW-ETH

The Cryptotalksworld Forum Team.

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Flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/cryptotalksworld/
Mix: https://mix.com/cryptotalksworld


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