Bitcoin Gambling is Bad?

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

What's up guys, we were gambling on a website called bustabit this week on the live stream machine @dlive it was so much... fun? I managed to make a lot of money and lose a lot of money!

We made this live stream to hopefully steer you guys away from websites like this, gambling is a sure fire way to lose all of your hard earned bitcoins. Any book that tells you a winning strategy like the martingale or some other get rich quick strategy is just someone trying to sell you "snake oil" which is just another way of saying crap! Our goal at crypto soup is to help educate you guys and keep you safe from all the scams out there so we have been making live streams every week.

If you like this video or want to watch our next live stream make sure to check us out on @dlive and follow us.

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It's fun to win but when you lose it just feels horible lol


Secret then is to win more often than you lose 😆


I agree! The feeling of if really sucks!


yup and we feel the loss twice as much emotionally.

Sometimes it's thinking better on life

Only the house wins in gambling, except for counting cards in black jack and incredible poker play, insider knowledge of horses/sports

if you have a guts of losing bitcoin then only jump into the gambling world of bitcoin : ) wish for the luck

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No it's not sir, all are here to make money and the most cleaver will snatch everything out first.

There is a free gambling and also a faucet site, Freebitcoin that is legit, that gives away many bitcoin every day. Recenty there is a contest every month with $30000 in prizes.


i remember back in 2015 i won 80k satoshi from their game..that was fun :)

i think etherenum it will e the next best think

Gambling can either make you or break you, and neither one of us wants the latter to be the one you experience.
There are some hardware wallets you can escape from all scams like.

1.The first one, the Ledger Nano S, is probably the most highly distributed among the three as it comes at a reasonable price and offers a great selection of features.
2.The second one, the TREZOR, is more on the $105 price point but it has some more unique features.
It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash whereas the Nano S only support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

3.Last but not least is the KeepKey. If you want a place where you can safely store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Namecoin without it having any access to the Internet then going with this option is a safe bet.

Betting in the United States is a legitimate issue that surfaces frequently.While betting with customary cash is as of now sufficiently confounding in the United States, adding this unstable new element to the blend raises concerns.

The magic word = longterm!!! HODL HODL HODL 🍀🍀🍀

Actually, I think that the 'luck factor' is strictly related to the volatility of cryptocurrencies in the short term. In the long term, if you observe the values for all the currencies, you will see an upgoing trend; however, in the short term, you will find huge fluctuations, which will probably cost a lot of money to 'gamblers'.

what is happening now is bull trap or bullish movement ? lets see together

Very nice content. Check out my blogs too :)

It's just entertainment. But other than that in most of the times you just lose. I only gamble the amount of money I'm willing to bet to have some fun for a short time. Even if I win something, normally I end up losing all haha.

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

Yeha, what soon comes soon goes away, hahaha
Thanks for the info, sometimes it can be fun!

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Every kind of gambling is longterm loss.
Especially if unknown algorithm determines win/loss odds.

Often, the things that seem too good usually are.

I do believe that with the right combination of knowledge, tools, experience and sometimes luck, you can achieve great things. Even more so with collaboration and a community to back your ideas.

any gambling is bad lol

Many people lose money.This is not good.

I'm new here how to grow in steemit? I have watching last few days different types of post in this platform.

Bitcoin gambling can make you a millionaire in no time and poor in no time as well. It all depends on how you play the game :)

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I quadrupled my money once and lost it all in a week. I'm out of gambling. Its not for me.

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If you are investing without understanding the concept then all your investment is gambling and it will become worst one day


I dont mind card games but wouldn't advice gambling on a on some random bitcoin casino, think you are right there!

Thanks for teaching us. Personally gambling is good especially when i do win.

I love the fun!

Which is perfect time to enter in crypto..
Someone say it's right time..
What you think about ETF ?
Tell me Which is best coin for invest now..

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Here's the one and only way to gamble your crypto, the right way:

İf you play gambling for fun i have nothing to say to you.
If you play gambling for making money then i have something to say;this is lose of time and resources.Better go make some trading its less risky and more profitable eventually.

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Love the goal of this blog! Keep it up guys!

I think gambling a small amount, that too for fun is'nt that bad. You shouldn't look at it as source of income and it should not be an addiction.

I use coinpoker(CHP) to play texas holdem. I think it isn't a huge problem if u spend little amount of money.

I decided to spend little for following reasons...

  1. wanted to see how erc token based wallet works such as myetherwallet & metamesk
  2. I was very bored from trading crypto... it's been so slow compared to last month xD

once again... using little amount of crypto should not be a problem as long as you keep it just for fun and not serious

BitCoin up!!#@!#! BitCoint up#!@#141!!!!!1!

Gambling in any form is very bad for you, Bitcoin or other! When you stumble upon one of those sites that's always trying to lure you in, just run as fast as you can to get away because once you start you wont be able to stop, especially if you were winning to begin with.

Gambling is basically a luck of person.

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BTC, Neo, Eth, xtz , vechain, ONT, WAN

Here you go bro...

well it's fun to try your luck from time to time , but long term you can only make money playing poker or betting on sports
other gambling games are just a waste of money , but still fun :)

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@ least the video fetched $360 ..more than the $25 put in the gambling he wins 😉

Lol. Are you guys new in gambling world? Surely, there aren’t any winning strategies with 100% guarantee. Even more, the fact is that house (means, casino) will win in the long run. Always. Playing Baccarat or Blackjack you can lower house edge and increase your return. But the more you play the more house will get. It’s about tech and psychology cuz it’s crucial to stop at the right moment. No matter which money you use – cash, card or Bitcoins – principles are the same always. Just gamble at responsible casinos with certificates from well-known committees, pay attention to time, and stop when you feel the moment. There are chances to lose everything at the start, also. It’s gambling, kids, it’s risky but don’t invoke others to ignore it. Somebody like playing, you know.

Gambling is luck and basically little skill involved in bustabit.

bitcoin not gamling pure trading & earn money hard