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The ever expanding cryptosphere is scattered and dispersed and a continuous need is felt for the unification of the entire cryptosphere. This dispersion creates disputes and chaos. It also decreases the ‘accountability’ of startup team and increases the number of fake ICOs while throwing the genuine ideas under the carpet. This leads to constant loss of trust and decreased participation.

Other problems with the cryptosphere these days is its growing in number reaching almost 600 billion dollar still calling it a currency sounds like a misnomer. The cryptocurrency is accepted as a method of payment in a very small number of outlets and hence it’s of no domestic use for people so they cannot attach a value to it. Also crypto currencies and whitepapers everything is mostly in English language leaving non-English speakers clueless especially about its complexities.

Vestarin platform is a decentralized ethereum based multi-linguistic platform that is aiming to solve all these problems faced by the people who enter the cryptosphere and live in it.(https://www.vestarin.io/en)

How will the Vestarin team solve these critical issues in the cryptosphere?

The growth rate of the cryptosphere will double if it is a little simplified for the audience. The Vestarin team describes cryptosphere as:-‘broken pieces of a puzzle whose complete picture cannot be seen’. Through the watch glass of Vestarin the users will be able to simplify the cryptosphere.

Vestarin plans to solve the issue of ‘fake ICO’s’ by primarily moderating all the ICO’s through their team of experts and then by an opinion poll of the users this will allow only the best ones to pass and the fake ones to drown. . This will also increase the investors trust in the cryptosphere and will accentuate it growth.

This not only solves the problem of fake ICO’s but also solves the critical issue of lack of support for the new startups. These new startup might be the brilliant ideas of future but are lost somewhere amidst all the big projects. Vestarin will support new startups and will encourage people with great vision.

Being a multilinguistic platform it solves the key issues of ‘understanding’ and ‘simplification’ and increases awareness. Vestarin will be available even in languages like Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese etc. attracting audience for all around the world.
The team at Vestarin is also planning to become a unified source of all the information needed by the users on cryptosphere and blockchain by adding articles and information on its platform. This will create awareness and increase the level of understanding of the users.

Another key issue successfully handled by the ‘Vestarin strategy’ is that cryptocurrency is not accepted everywhere. The team at Vestarin is integrating all the shops, entertainment everything under one roof i.e. ‘Vestarin platform’.

The users will have to buy VZT token (Vestarin token) from their crypto assets and they will be able to buy anything on this amazing platform. The shops will get the VZT token changed to cryptocurrency or fiat currency whenever they would like. This will increase the ‘spending’ of cryptocurrency on leisure activities and day work thus making cryptocurrency a ‘true currency’.

The domestication and simplification of cryptocurrency will not only be beneficial for the growth of the Vestarin platform but also for the growth of the entire cryptosphere as a whole. So the investor will be eagerly looking to invest in the Vestarin platform as it is truly the future of cryptocurrency.
Vestarin Features

Users on Vestarin can transfer money peer-2-peer very easily without any hustles. The Vestarin Ecosystem is very secure and transparent its users. Vestarin makes inter-currency conversion really easy with not only switching amongst cryptocurrency but also to fiat currency via conversion in VZT token. Their VZT token is of ERC20 standards.

Vestarin will emerge as one of the biggest user base app in the whole cryptosphere making it easy for the crypto-enthusiasts to discuss the market ‘trends’ on this platform. Thus creating a space where all the investor can discuss their points.

The platform will charge 5% commission on the purchases made on the platform. There will be an ‘ICO integration fees’ for the new ICO startup’s and an ‘Exchange point’ fee too. After the fee is paid then the team of expert will analyze the request at the first step. Monetization will be done by smart contracts and the commission will be deducted monthly from the user’s account. This is how the company plans to get it revenue.

The goals set by the Vestarin teams are very realistic and achievable and the team comprise of stalwarts from their respective fields who can definitely make it happen. The platform will grow enormously with is advent as it solves the key issues faced by the users currently in the cryptosphere.

Website: (https://www.vestarin.io/)
Whitepaper: (https://www.vestarin.io/en/whitepaper)
Official YouTube Channel: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0M-TJdBhwOaWMQ1rdJGwzw)
Official Twitter: (https://twitter.com/vestarin)
BitcoinTalk Ann Thread: (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2701796)



Nice article! I like to see this support for many languages, especially with India starting to get into the crypto space and with Korea having massive trade volume even though most don’t speak English.

I’m definitely upvoting and following you!

Thanks mate! Vesterin Seems to have covered quiet a lot of solutions to crypto sphere. I am very excited about its launch. You are so right about the language barrier. This problem had to be solved

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