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Cryptocurrency is digital gold. Money, that is sound and secured from political influence. It is money that increases in value over time and is becoming a fast and efficient way and method of doing business.

While Bitcoin remains the ever popular and used form of cryptocurrency, other forms are available.

With the different types of transaction coins out there, this brings us to the latest future money: PECUNIO.

Pecunio investment platform that eases blockchain and solves the problem of crypto spending in a decentralized way. It is the best ICO of 2018. It is the first gold standard since 1914, having a fast and stable universally acceptable means of transaction.

Pecunio offers investors all the financial services of the cryptocurrency market through a safe and easy way with a platform of free digital currency exchange, easy savings, and spending.

Pecunio is also a one-stop shop for the average nontech savvy user, a high equity investor, and an angel venture capitalist. (https://pecun.io/)

Why is Pecunio different?

Pecunio provides expert consulting services to blockchain beginners by giving client tailored made business plans and also recognizes diversity. It is the future money worth investing into as it demystifies the blockchain investments and allows everyone interested in cryptocurrency to participate in the new economy of the 21st century.

Pecunio is the only blockchain investment platform with both a free exchange and a cryptocurrency card. This is a prepaid multi-asset debit card provided by Pecunio to the user enabling cryptocurrency spending in all Pecunio authorized countries around the world without any charges. Another strong pillar is that existing cryptocurrency can be used to purchase the Pecunio coin, and Pecunio is not just a product-centric seller of exchange, but a caretaker of active customer support and management where the user gains a lifetime value of all services.
Source: (https://pecun.io/Pecunio_White_Paper.pdf)
Pecunio is 100% gold backed making it very stable. It uses the globally acceptable and fixes rate of gold.

It also offers users the opportunity to have a multicurrency wallet and offers safe market access for all cryptocurrency market businesses through an easy to use interface.

Having a Pecunio account is as easy as having a Facebook account. Registration is usually by email and account set-up includes a wallet, easy deposit, and payout through PayPal, bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

Pecunio guarantees a safe and secure means of transacting in cryptocurrency with a combination of professional financial management, high technical expertise and a reliable business structure with a combined experience of more than 150 years.

Source: (https://pecun.io/Pecunio_White_Paper.pdf)
The latest revolutionary about Pecunio is its newest product which is the Pecunio gold coin This is a gold back token. Pecunio will exchange physical gold in all its branches located world-wide for tokens that are available as cryptocurrency on the blockchain.

One Pecunio gold coin represents exactly 1 gram of gold by weight. This is unsegregated, unallocated 999.9 fine gold from approved refineries.

Investors in Pecunio need the Pecunio gold coin token as it increases the flexibility for both the user and the platform. The token also brings liquidity to the angel capital and venture capital markets which mean users can easily sell and exchange at any given time making it the most innovative AC and VC markets over recent decades.

Pecunio gold coin can be paid with existing cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The Pecunio token is ERC-20 utility tokens, and the price of the Pecunio PCO token is currently valued at 1.5$.

Pecunio currently have a financial center in Dubai with physical offices in Vienna and Dubai.

Official Website: (https://pecun.io/)
Whitepaper: (https://pecun.io/Pecunio_White_Paper.pdf)
Official Twitter: (https://twitter.com/Pecun_io)
Telegram Channel: (https://t.me/Pecunio)
Official YouTube Channel: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDztgm-0_HnlRaHOFeg-TYw)



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