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After realizing an enormous power of blockchain technology & its applications, most of the industries are trying to bring their services on the blockchain expecting secure, cheap and transparent transaction. Parkgene is aiming to disrupt the $100 billion global automotive parking market with their small yet revolutionary idea of bringing vehicle parking service on blockchain network to simply make finding parking spots easier. No more high cost parking tickets, car damage and wastage of time ! (https://parkgene.io/)

In context, Parkgen is the first decentralized ecosystem directly connecting parking owners and drivers with Parkgene mobile app called ParkGuru. Owners can list their parking spot while customers (especially drivers) book the parking online and receive all the information related to the parking spot such as parking location and charges. The payment is executed with gene token directly from the Parkgene mobile wallet. When their owners leaves their spot empty drivers can quickly find affordable parking using the Parkgene mobile application. It’s just like Airbnb for parking. Drivers can pay for parking using Gene token in the peer-to-peer market place on the blockchain. Using smart contracts, drivers can connect with parking owners in an easy, secure and transparent way. Private parking spot creates viable alternative and leveraging all the advantages of smart contracts makes them even easy, cheaper and secure.

Source: (https://parkgene.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Whitepaper_FINAL_V.18.1.pdf)
As of now, Parkgene has successfully established network of private & professional parking spots and users in the Europe and US markets, charging the parking spot owners 15% of the commission for each transaction. The same rate has been confirmed in the China, Singapore and other Asian countries. According to Parkgene, customer will not have to pay more than $5 for a parking spot which is half of what you pay at professional parking garage. Moreover, if you are renting you own parking place, you will only pay $1 to park your car anywhere in country, 99% less compared to professional parking garages !
Parkgene ICO
Currently, the third round is live and will close on March 19, 2018. Being based on the public Ethereum blockchain platform, Parkgene has decided to keep the ICO open until the Ethereum reach the price of $1200. Investors, who are staking minimum of $200 to buy Gene token will get 50% bonus. Any unsold Gene tokens will be burned right away. You can acquire Gene tokens directly from their website with USD-fiat or you can exchange ether & few other coins for Gene token.

Currently gene token is trading at 0.1USD and you can buy the token in exchange with BTC, Ether, BTC cash, Dash, Litcoin and USD-fiat. You will need an ERC20 compatible – Ethereum wallet to receive Gene tokens which will be issued as ERC20 compliant tokens for Ethereum blockchain. Though you will have to go through KYC/AML process in order to acquire Gene tokens as the Parkgene is actually based on country which follows these crypto regulation standards and does not want to disappoint US investors by not giving them chance to be a part of the potential ICO.

Parkgene is backed by proficient investors and business leaders and partnered with various automotive franchises. Moreover, leading ICO analyst such as ICOrating, coinschedule, and tokendesk concluded that prakgen ICO is one of the low risk ICOs and astounding result can be expected in short term.

Join Live ICO : (https://parkgene.io/)

Official Website: (https://parkgene.io/)
Whitepaper: (https://parkgene.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Whitepaper_FINAL_V.18.1.pdf)
Official Twitter Channel: (https://twitter.com/PARKGENE1)
Official Telegram: (https://t.me/parkgene)
Official Channel: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCef5Kx_I_9DGnU1CSnwQC-A)

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