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In the twenty first century the traditional 9-5 jobs are gradually becoming obsolete and the workforce is inculcating more and more independent workers .These independent workers are called the ‘freelancers’. It is estimated that the global workforce will have more than 60% of independent workers in the next 5 years. These freelancers create jobs for themselves and this is facilitated with the advent of technology in their lives

The only dilemma in the lives of these independent workers is to have a reputation in the financial system. The financial system considers freelancers and small scale business men as non lucrative clients. Thus they become a big constraint for these budding independent workers limiting their expansion. ‘Monaize’ is a platform specifically designed to target them and provide them all kinds of financial solutions

Monaize Simplified

Monaize is an online banking platform that provides instant “business account for small business men and freelancers”. The whole process is really fast and simplified and it takes around five minutes to create a business account.

Once the account is created the credit card gets delivered in 3-5 days. This process requires simple verification documents like driving license, address proof etc. This information is instantly verified by their highly vigilant team and a local IBAN is provided to the account holder with instant access to their business current account.

On the platform the entire process from account creating to card delivery is online and does not require any running around in big offices and meeting ‘fancy suited’ men.

The most peculiar feature of this platform is the integration with third party services like insurance coverage, cryptocurrency wallets, crowd lending (via BitBond) etc. This will increase the charm of this brilliant e-banking platform.

It will then become particularly lucrative for budding entrepreneurs as their instant financial solution.
This whole process of creating a business account instantly is called “KYB- (Know your business)”.

Why is Monaize one step ahead from others in the E-banking industry ?

The integration of Monaize with Komodo platform provides these innovators in e-banking industry with the most effective weapon – “Blockchain technology”.

The challengers to Monaize’s e-banking kingdom are banks like Revolut, N26, Atom etc.; the key advantage that Monaize have over them is that none of these banks are implementing blockchain technology in their e-banking system, hence Monaize is one step ahead of them already. Monaize stands tall as the only e-bank that works in the ‘cryptospace’ and the real banking world simultaneously with ease.

With the help of the team at ‘Komodo’, Monaize will be able to release its own token which will be ready to use. This token will be absolutely compatible with the komodo platform and all the technologies built over komodo.

The Monaize token will also inherit features of Zcash through komodo. This will include protection, privacy and anonymity of the transactions. All of these transactions will be scalable and will be decentralized.

Monaize also offers a special reward scheme based on the ‘current holdings’ and equally distributes all the public key holders with royalty rewards depending upon their investment.

Monaize’s Background check and investment opportunities.

The president of the Monaize bank ‘Vincent Rajoo’ is a great entrepreneur and also the co-founder of Megadrive. Their blockchain innovation strategist is ‘Robert Miller” who is also the head of UK operations which is the primary market that Monaize is targeting before expanding into countries like Germany, USA etc. (https://monaize.com/#/uk)

More than the team at Monaize what is more interesting is the fact that komodo’s team is also integrated with the Monaize team to build this giant financial platform.

The initial token sale will offer Monaize tokens which will give returns in the form of ‘loyalty rewards’ based on the percentage of tokens bought by the investor. This will be a payback in ‘komodo’ into the wallet of the investor and this reward process entirely depends on the number of new users signing in on Monaize.

The rewards/returns may look small initially but as the platform grows it will become a great asset for the token holders. Hence investment in this venture is highly recommended as the team on Monaize is not just building an e-bank; they are providing complete financial services to all the independent workers.

Monaize is already an established e-bank and is growing strong so investment in this product bear very less risks. Also the involvement of the ‘Komodo’ team in this platform makes it the ‘investor’s choice’. Beating all its contemporaries with technology and innovation Monaize is definitely the best e-banking platform and also the only one to enter into the cryptosphere

Official Website: https://monaize.com/#/uk
Whitepaper: https://monaize.com/assets/pdf/monaize_whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/monaizeuk
Monaize ICO: https://blog.komodoplatform.com/the-monaize-dico-delay-is-only-temporary-f9ff4c24e1a0

Written By: https://twitter.com/ICO10xMessiah


We should collaborate to write more on Cryptocurrencies News like this! Great informative Post

Komodo is really on to something big, unfortunately they are somewhat silent which keeps the price low whereas crypto market is unfortunately based on hype.

Yes Komodo is going to be huge next year. a lot of people are not aware of Monaize which is being worked on by the Komodo team itself. It is a great chance to get involved in this project early

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