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Understand the Ethereum Offered Token

Banana coin project was established to acquire advantage of emerging block chain technology. The main agenda was to decentralizing business expansion in modern ways more than use 0f traditional method. The banana project aimed to have a relationship with block chain community.

Banana coin introduces a banana plantation which is integrated with the block involves a developed modern environmental friendly. The banana coin project is located in Laos with token under the Ethereum related to export price of 1Kg of banana.

The banana coin project extends its partnerships with word wide industries such the Lemon Digital, Token Tops, Freedom Man club among many others. This industry act as a key stakeholder to the development of the banana coin project.

Goals of Banana Coin Project

The banana project aims to have an expansive growth of up to 360% of sale of banana to Chinese market which have high population hence providing more revenue to the banana project hence providing expanding the production areas.

Economic Benefit of the Banana Coin Project

Independence –the banana coin tokens are not affected by the bank or any financial institution. however, it is affected only by the productivity of the banana project.

Transparency- the banana coin project is built under the block chain technology which is effective in enhancing transparency. The participant of the project has access to harvest volume crop growth and the number of sales on the market.

No inflation – token is based on the market value of banana. From the last scale of measure, the banana price has increased from 4-10% yearly. The token has never experience any inflation effect.

Activities Taking Places to Achieve Goal
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Purchasing area of production- The company uses the received fund to purchase land and put it under production cycle of 18month this to ensure more production to achieve the target.

Selling banana coin tokens to members who are willing to acquire the tokens.

Harvesting and sale banana token which have been grown in the plantation.

Factor Favouring the Banana Production

They are many factors that makes the banana coin project of growing the banana to make it more economical and increase the revenue of the project.

Average air temperature which favors the growth of banana.

Fertile soil (red soil) which is essential for the growth of banana.

Cheap of water source.

Availability of extensive electricity which help to have modern agriculture production.

Feature of Banana Coin

The banana coin project uses no pesticide in the farm production to ensure the production is organic.

Banana cultivation and exportation of banana in foreign market.

Leasing plantation to have a profitable business and investments.

The banana is with partnerships with the Vientiane province governor how pays a potential role in the banana coin.

Why Banana Coin Is the Best to Invest

Increase in consumption- banana export is relatively increased worldwide this bringing more income to the project.

The banana coin project is planning to increase the plantation to 1,000 hectares this gives confident to have more income from your investments.

The banana variety grown in this project is expensive and it has the highest popularity in Chinese market.

The banana coin project is growing extensively as a key stakeholder in Asian market.

This project has an open right for every member to visit the plantation.

It has a stable pricing which is protected by a kilogram of banana.

Banana coin project has a team which have experienced successful business development experience. This gives investor confidence in investing in the project as the project has previously been successful.

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