CryptoSafely Brief 001 - PITCH Investors Live (You Do Not Need a Token!)

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Pitch's Pitch ..

A Respected Bitcoiner's Response ..

Conclusion ..

Avoid this one folks .. clearly, the derivative logo, the overly slick presentation, the fact that the front-men for the project are 'obviously' all about the money - this project 1) does not need a token and 2) the final product will not be utilized, because there is no way that 'sharks' have time to sift through a bunch of individuals doing elevator pitches via a freakin app. This, in our humble opinion, is a pure money grab - the final product will float around for a while before getting flushed, leaving people with worthless tokens.


Good call .. as they say 'often' on Shark Tank .. "All you got is an app! It's just an app!" .. why the hell do they need to create a token .. oh yess, of course, to raise millions of very easy, risk-free dollars ..

good post i like it,thank you

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