Stratis Pi memory issues fixed!

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My Stratis Pi is build on a Pi Zero. It worked great but after some days the CPU load goes up and the Pi becomes slow and the Stratis wallet gets behind, so staking is not working. When i close the wallet i see that he process all the I/O and after that the CPU load goes down. Than i start the Stratis wallet and its working for a few days.

This solution is not working for the long term so i made a SSH connection to my Pi and checked free -m.

You can see that the SWAP file is filled with almost 500MB. The SD card is not fast enough to process so much SWAP and running the OS with QT Stratis wallet active. I also saw a process Kworker with a high CPU load (i use Top to see a task manager). Kworker is a Linux Kernel process and can be related with CPU and I/O.
The SD card is a class 10 but not a very expensive one, upgrading to a faster card maybe works but I'm afraid to brake the SD card with so much I/O.
The Pi Zero only has 512MB ram and is not capable enough to run Raspbian with GUI and the Stratis QT wallet.

So i searched online and bought a Raspberry Pi 2 with case for a reasonable price. This Pi has 4 cores instead of 1 and 1GB ram instead of the 512MB from the Pi zero. I swapped the SD card to the "new" Pi and just started it.
It runs without installing anything, all the drivers are there and Linux just load the right modules to work.


Above is the same installation and free -m command. You can see the 1GB of ram and the SWAP file with only 16MB.
The Pi 2 is now running about a week and i don't have any issues with the wallet running behind.

So for the Stratis QT wallet you need a Raspberry Pi with 1GB of ram.
I can tell you how to install it but i used this very good guide:

When you have questions you are free to ask! Ive got some Linux and Raspberry Pi experience and love the combination!
So please get a Pi and choose a good project that stakes!

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