Quick look into Skyminer on a Raspberry Pi 1B

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Skyminer is a node you can install and host @ home to support a decentralized internet. It is now in a test phase.
They also have a Skyminer hardware build. It looks pretty cool and has a good amount of hardware in it. For me it is not a solution i have money for and i really like to build it myself. They are a community-driven coin and so the GitHub is full of hardware boards that are working with the Skyminer software. So lots of choices to build you're own Skyminer :)!

I have a Raspberry Pi 1B lying around my desk for software testing it is to old for 24/7 work. It has only 256MB ram and a single core processor. The Git was telling me that the Skyminer works on this Pi so i installed a fresh version of Raspbian Stretch lite on the Pi and booted it up!
For the installation i used the guide i linked below ( i used option 2).
Not long after that i have a Skyminer running!

1 (Medium).png

My whitelist is now waiting for an approve. I hope this is in time for the next month to come.
You have to be online for a month to get paid for you're node. It has to be up for > 75% and the reward is 2.8 Skycoin.
I hope i can run February to get a reward. For now i love the simple installation and that you can run multiple nodes. Also the goal to make a decentralized community-driven mesh network is awesome! I hope they can make it and i love to run a node to use that network and also get rewards for it.
Ive got my eyes on making a 2-4 Raspberry Pi 3b+ node Skyminer when February is working out with my Pi 1B.

2 (Medium).png
The interface looks so pretty and is very easy to use.

I shall tell you how it worked out in March!
When it's working out great i can blog my own 2-4 node in March :).

20190102_165252 (Small).jpg
Naked Pi (my first Pi so its my special one :P)
20190127_225631 (Small).jpg
With case and Skyminer installed :).

Skyminer page: https://www.skycoin.net/skyminer/
Github: https://github.com/skycoin/skywire/blob/master/testnet_rules.md#rules
Guide for Raspberry Pi based Skyminer: https://skywug.net/forum/Thread-Raspberry-Pi-Sky-Miner-Setup-for-noobs-TESTNET-READY

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