4 coins that you can stake without having a wallet open 24/7

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I always talk about my Pi's staking for me. But what if you don't want to buy a Pi and just want to stake?
You can download a Windows/Mac wallet and stake the coins, but do you want to let that open for 24/7?
There is a solution and that are the coins where you get stakes or other coins for holding them.

  1. Neo (5% in GAS)
    Neo is a very big player in the crypto business. They focus on smart economy and they have there Neo platform.
    You can install a Windows / Mac Neon wallet and the only thing you have to do is open the wallet sometimes and claim you're GAS.

  2. Ontology (in ONG)
    Ontology is very related to Neo and is more like a distributed trust collaboration platform.
    This works the same as Neo other than you get Ontology Gas.

  3. ARK (10%)
    ARK is an entire ecosystem. The project aims to link disparate blockchains together through its clever SmartBridge technology, providing fast and scalable service no matter which platform you’re utilizing.
    You can install the ARK wallet and staking with Delegated Proof-of-Work. Its like a vote system.

  4. Komodo (5%)
    Komodo is a very fast Crypto aiming on a Open-Source Infrastructure For An Interoperable Blockchain Ecosystem.
    You can claim the stakes like Neo otherwise its just KMD you getting.

This are 4 projects you can use for staking when you don't want/have a Pi or an computer on for 24/7.
You need to see how much you want to invest and which crypto you think is the best investment.
I only have real experience with Neo and Komodo. Neo has a great wallet and claiming GAS is very easy and fast. You don't need to download a big blockchain. Komodo also workde great.

Which other coin does the same? I'm aiming to get Neo again or maybe one of the others i mentioned above.

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what about dpos like Tron, you can stake without having your wallet open and don't have to claim stake rewards


That sounds good! Gonna look at Tron.

You forgot SmartCash 😊


Last month i bought a SmartNode, now you need 100.000 coins for a SmartNode. Don't like how they change that suddenly. Sold all my SmartCash and i don't look back.



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vericoin "staking" is like having getting a variable interest of 2-5% from a bank except the bank is in your wallet. Similar to how you get interest on steem power, just higher rates.