My current cryptocurrency portfolio (and investment thoughts)

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I've rejoined the cryptocurrency world in June, having missed all the fun and unbelievable profits and started anew.

The plan

My plan is to set aside 10 thousand dollars and invest them smartly for the longterm and seek out huge returns. After spending at minimum 500 hours learning and investigating the crypto space I've decided to divide those initial 10k in this way:

7 x $1000  on new and/or low market cap cryptocurrencies

and leave the rest invested in bitcoin either permanently (to ride the eventual huge BTC rise) or as a backup to buy into new promising things

How things are

When reading the topics on bitcointalk or the Telegram Groups (which I love) I use, they always seem to be about huge (100+ million market cap), already established coins. I'm not interested in those. These altcoins already had huge increases in prices in the past. And, I'm sure, a lot of people promoting them invested early and got their coins for cents instead of dollars or tens of dollars. It's funny how many investors, especially newcomers fall into this trap. Investing into a 400 million market cap coin like it's going to rise tenfold. It's extremely unlikely to happen.


I don't like ICOs that much, even though I did invest into one (Mass), which I still believe will be a huge success amd will make a good return on my investment. I don't like ICOs because they mostly seem to me like a lottery. Maybe the team will deliver what they promised. Maybe the will only partially be able to or maybe they'll disappear with my money. I have no control over it. I'm not even going to write about all the ICOs that apart from a couple of inexperienced wannabe businessman and a nicely formatted, utopic 10 page whitepaper have nothing to offer. And they can raise millions in a single day. Sick.

What I'm looking for

For me to invest into a crytocurrency it has to meet some of the prerequisites:

1. I need to see an actual use case. Preferably something I can see myself using, something that can make my life easier.

2. The team. It can be a young team without 10 years of experience, as long as they seem dedicated, hard-working, and enthusiastic.

3. The product. They product need to be in beta or a year in development already. Funding products that are no more than an idea and that still lack any developers work on it is a big NO GO.

4. Market Cap. What I'm hoping for to get with one of the coins I invest in is a x100. And I don't see that happening if the market cap is above 10 Million already. Going from 10 Million to 1 Billion is doable, it happened many times already. But going from 400 Million to 40 Billion? Hard to impossible.

5. Community. I've already burned myself once with that (read about that here) and I won't do it again. Marketing and community interaction is very important. You can have the best idea and a working product, but if nobody knows about it and nobody promotes it - FAIL.

So, my current portfolio

2100 NET (Nimiq)

5600 MASS (Mass Token)

2100 SHIFT (Shift)


As of now I'm only invested in 3 out of 7 coins as per my plan. But I believe in all of them. They all could potentially give me x100 someday. 

Which means I need to find 4 more and I'll post my findings here on steemit.

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tnx for this article. It helps to see in which cryptocurrency will other invest ;)

Status and BAT are two interesting cryptos. Have a look :)

I have them both, or at least had. I sold Status at its height today - I don't believe in it and it can't give me a x100. I'm still holding BAT and will for a long time. Good project, still I invested when it had a huge market cap already.
The reason I didn't mention them in the post is because I made a small investment - $1000 into 5 cryptos in June, not knowing what I was doing, following what others said. Went $200 into QRL, MGO, SNT, SNM and BAT.
I'll hold all except for Status which I sold.

Interesting strategy @cryptor47! Very different from mine, but definitely one that can be much more profitable. Wish you the best!