GoHelpFund - First amazon based platform for fast humanitarian fundraising.

We are developing the first global platform that brings together the NGOs & supporters. The fastest way for NGOs to get funds, without the overhead of using traditional payment methods.

GoHelpFund is a distributed platform powered by the Amazon Web Services
infrastructure and Ethereum’s network which empowers people to:
• Donate for various charitable causes ranging from poverty to terrorism prevention, being focused on the concept of fundraising.
• Use the holy coin as the main currency for transactions, thus allowing increased growth and scalability with instant transfers compared to traditional currency.

Holy Coin is a form of currency based on the ERC20 Token Standard which will be used in the given crowd sale, on top of Ethereum’s Smart Contract to eliminate counter-party risk and allow fast secure payments to investors.
• The holy coin will be used as the primary type of currency on the GoHelpFund platform
• In the near future, we are planning to migrate to our own blockchain to have more flexibility to implement features such as master nodes and more.

We see a huge opportunity in this market since we have the privilege of being the first ones to combine the cryptocurrency’s blockchain features with the latest technologies and best practices available, in a new platform, which will challenge the status quo.

A part of this will consist of our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features which will have a big impact in the user-experience overall, making it more easy and reliable for them to use the platform and be active within the community.

The success stands in the main description of the platform: “People-oriented” – because it’s not about starting up a business, but about solving a problem; as long as people have problems, they will always search for better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish the related solutions.

--- Why you should invest in us? ---

  • First Fundraising Cryptocurrency
  • The only platform that uses cryptocurrency for fundraising based on humanitarian actions
  • 10,000 ETH | ~$4,000,000 ICO - small crowdsale hard cap
  • 900 HOLY / ETH | ~$0.4 / Holy Coin - high growth potential
  • Every fundraising campaign from the platform will use HOLY as the main currency, and will increase its value continuously starting from the alpha phase
  • Best plaform - best suited for NGOs like Red Cross, UNESCO, UN, Save The Children, World Relief, Refugees International, Action Against Hunger, People in Need
  • Blockchain - migration to our own blockchain and wallet
  • Masternode - gather minimum 10,000 Holy Coins and earn passive value-growing income by holding your coins
  • Exchanges - you vote the ones you want, we listen and take action

--- Useful Links ---
HolyCoin Token: https://theholycoin.com
HolyCoin ICO LIVE: https://ico.theholycoin.com
CacheOverflow Company : https://cacheoverflow.io
GoHelpFund Platform : https://gohelpfund.com
Slack Chat: https://slack.theholycoin.com

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