Buy Bitcoin At Current Levels For The Long Term

Buy Bitcoin At Current Levels For The Long Term


  • Bitcoin has fallen drastically since the beginning of 2018.

  • Investors fear additional regulation and other threats from the government as key reasons for avoiding Bitcoin.

  • Buying bitcoin now at these trough valuations can present a golden opportunity for investors looking to hold for the long term.

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is a cryptocurrency that has been in the recent news and headlines all over the world in recent months. The once primitive and unknown coin is now mentioned daily in many financial outlets.

With the price of Bitcoin sharply correcting after soaring for most of 2017, Bitcoin is currently selling at trough valuations making it an ideal buy at these levels.

A Return To A Bitcoin Bull Market May Be Coming Soon

The price of bitcoin may soon recover back towards its 2017 peak based on several key catalysts that may help propel the cryptocurrency markets back up. While prices have definitely come down from its all-time highs, Bitcoin is now a much safer bet than back in December when Bitcoin was selling at nosebleed prices.

It is clear that while Bitcoin is backed by a promising blockchain technology, the price of Bitcoin itself may have gotten ahead of itself in the latter part of 2017. With limited adoption and few actual use cases, Bitcoin arguably had risen far too fast too soon.

In order for Bitcoin to be considered as a valid currency or as a means of store of value, we will have to grow in a steady organic pace. Sudden growth spurts and bubble cycles will only validate the point of view that Bitcoin is not suitable as a valid currency or even as a good store of value.

While sudden growth spurts can bring outsized gains to investors looking to beat traditional markets, it can also work inversely as seen in recent months with Bitcoin losing a significant amount of value from its all-time highs. Luckily for investors, Bitcoin has several important key catalysts that could end the current bear market.


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