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Hey everyone today I got thinking about if I was putting a portfolio together for the long term to buy and hold so to speak and not touch for the next 5 years what coins would I purchase. This means little to no trading whatsoever just simply picking 10 coins and hoping for the best return over the next 5 years. I put together my list and would love to hear from anyone that has some thoughts about their selections and their rationale.


  1. Steem - Currently trading a tick over a dollar and I know it looks biased but I do believe in the platform and have extremely high expectations on where I think this thing could go. 5 year prediction = $80.00

  2. Monero - I think it is following a good trend at the moment and the volume is extremely good and the coin is well used across the community. I expect it to continue to do well and tests its highs again soon. 5 year prediction - $875

  3. Bitcoin - A staple and has to be in the portfolio purely because it is the benchmark for all things crypto and I would expect it to rise in line with the crypto market - 5 year prediction $12,000

  4. Litecoin - Same as above except with the potential to do even better working from a lower base and market cap - 5 year prediction $250.00

  5. Ethereum - With many people predicting it to go past Bitcoin I tend to agree eventually it probably will. I cant afford to leave it out so its in here at number 5. My 5 year prediction is $1425

  6. Lisk - I'm no technology expert but I have seen enough to suggest this should do well long term into the future. A bit more speculative but I think it should do well. - Prediction $100

  7. Neo - Same as above good technology is my understanding and it has plenty of potential - price target $160.

  8. IOTA - Many people are big beleivers in Iota and I couldn't leave it out. I like the potential they have and I would have to include in my portfolio.

  9. Bitshares - I have read a lot about the recently and like the entry price at around 7-8 cents at the moment. They are working off a low base after reaching a much higher price of around 40 cents not that long ago. Think its a safe bet to improve from these levels. Target $1.20

  10. Digital Note - XDN - This is my own little punt if you like and I guess you would consider it small compared to the others. I like their market cap, chart, technology and how long they have been around. They get good volume on some exchanges so I am putting them in.


I plan to check in on this in 2022 and see how I go but I am happy with my selections. Love to hear from others what they would replace or put in themselves. :)


Nice list... I approve... Honorable mentions. Ark , qtum, factom...thanks for sharing

thanks mate I thought about Factom :)

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