XDN - Digital Note up about 20% today

Hey guys I have been an investor in Digital Note for a few months now and today has been a good day for it. I put together this YouTube Video some weeks ago outlining the major reasons I like the coin and set some price targets. I am still very much hopeful that this is going to the Moon. Of course my opinions are my own and I have no clue what price it may reach or fall to.

Have a look and see what you think would love to hear other opinions on the coin. Just to reiterate my major points from the video

Good Volume
Market Cap not too high
More scarce than other penny dreadful coins such as Doge, BCN
Limited number on issue
Technology sounds like it would be useful and serve a purpose
listed on a few exchanges

Anyway see what you think guys think. Here's hoping it hits my targets!!!


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