RE: Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

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Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

You said if you dumped a hundred billion dollars, it would be worthless to them. But that's not what I'm talking about here... I'm talking about a technology which gives them a tool to address one key part of their economic crisis.

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That is what the gov't is doing--dumping a bunch of currency into the country--but it's wrecking the economy. Dash is bringing real wealth into the country, and giving people a way to preserve their wealth by exiting the fiat scam.

That can only help the people of Venezuela.


they still more than crypto currency to save their country, they need supplies in order for the country to function. the basic necessity need to be fulfill before everything else.


That's true, but it seems like you're assuming getting their basic necessities are somehow completely separate from having a functioning currency. If you improve trade, you also improve access to basic necessities. A lot of people are smuggling in goods from the Colombian border and having a currency which is valuable outside Venezuela only aids that.