Let's Learn About Crypto #2: TenX PAY -- The Evolution Of Crypto Payment Cards !!

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If you have a keen interest in Cryptocurrencies, then you must have known that TenX Pay was on the high rise for few days and it's still rising substantially. As we all know that most of the crypto enthusiast and experienced traders mostly invest in those coins which are on rise and have a potential to rise in future. Most of the people generally trades on the cryptos listed on the first page of Cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, people are investing in TenX Pay as it can be a good long term investment as well as profitabe for short term trading. For those, who don't know about TenX Pay, this article is for you.  

What Is TenX PAY? 

TenX is a Singapore based Blockchain Company which offers Debit cards and mobile wallets backed by Cryptocurrencies. TenX has partnered with VISA and Mastercard and now it's wallet services are accepted in more than 200 countries and now TenX has come under the companies having global reach. TenX Point of Sale services charges the same amount from merchants like any other debit card company that is 2% of transaction amount. According to TenX, transactions can be carried out globally without any processing fee with use of TenX cards. If you want to order a TenX card, you can do so easily by ordering one on TenX app.  

How TenX PAY are different from other Crypto Debit Cards?

 The main difference is TenX debit cards allows you to spend a number of different cryptos. Right now they have made Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC 20 and Dash available for you to load and spend using their card. TenX offers 0.1% reward in their PAY token for just being holding a TenX Pay card and they also give a 0.5% reward paid in Ethereum for holding the PAY token. If you choose to make a purchase with PAY token, then you'll get a discount on transaction fee.  

But the rewards will be given to those token which will be existing on your TenX mobile wallet. If you keep them on any exchange or transfer them from mobile wallet to exchange, then you'll not be entitled to any rewards on your TenX Pay Token irrespective of the amount of transactions you have done through your debit card.  

You need to download TenX wallet before you use the card and TenX app is only compatible for android so far. The webb app is available to everyone in a week or so and same can be said for the iOS app.  

TenX PAY Cards Availability

 Although TenX Pay cards are available in many countries, approximately 200 for the record but still it is not available in USA. This is has to with their recent ICO and they are waiting until 90 days have passed to see if the SEC regulations will have any effect before releasing to the USA. You can check the list of countries where the TenX cards are available here

TenX Statistics And Charts 

TenX PAY is among top 20 Cryptocurrenies with higher market cap. 

Current Market Cap: $462.1 Million 

Total Supply: 205 Millions PAY Tokens 

24Hr Volume : $145 Million 

Current Price: $4.49 

TenX PAY Future Plans?

 TenX has a target to ease the purchase of cryptos through fiat currencies by 2017 end because currently one can purchase cryptos only by purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin first with Fiat and then exchange them with other cryptos. TenX is also planning to control the high volatility among crypto prices which is actually a major concern currently. 


By looking at the fundamentals and future plans of TenX, it can be concluded that TenX is doing a pretty goood job so far to provide high value to it's users. It's fundamentals are strong and Market Capitalisation is also rising rapidly. 

The main thing about the TenX is that it is actually usable in the Real world when most of the cryptos are just work in progress right now. TenX also offering rewards for using their services. For that they deserve a big thumbs up.  Investment in this project can be a good decision for long term. So, it's upto you to decide about it. Read this article thoroughly and understand it's fundamentals and then take the decision accordingly.  

Thanks for reading ..!!!  

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Good educational post but very close to the recent interview of hosp on boxmining. A little more personal angle would have been nice :)


You have made very good explenation about TenX, actually I didn't know why is it better than similar projects before reading this article.

Becasue I consider you as an expert, may I ask about you opinion about my new project based on Blockchain? Can you tell me what do you think? I'm not asking for upvotes just your honest opinion please :)


I will be really grateful :)

I needed this information, my knowledge is limited and everything that works in the real world is greatly appreciated. To bad it's not available in the US, YET I will be checking in 90 days, to see where it stands.
Thank you for presenting this so well.


You're welcome.

Wow thats a good blog to explain what and how tenx pay works ... Thank you for sharing


Thank you sir @adsactly.

Great piece! I need to check on Tenx I kept hearing about it so I need to dig deeper.


You should, its a great project, rising and trending.

nice educational post, thanks

Good coverage of CVC and PAY, both of which I've purchased small amounts of recently. Following to see what else you cover next, hoping for some good tips. Thanks

This sparked a flame in me to get going and start researching some more into TenX! They had an awesome run in the last little bit, and I managed to hop in for a couple short in and outs for a little bit of profit :D But I wasnt fully aware of all their potential capabilities.
Thanks for the informative start, Cheers mate!

Good post man! I made article like this today you can check it out. You are doing a great job.
follow @polaleye50 for more helpful tips

Thanks for the very good summary. Interesting is really to know how the reimbursement works. TenX Pay Token must be on the TenX app or Wallet.


Yes, it is available on TenX Pay app.

Hi @cryptonet, The blog post was informative. Is Adsactly something about Ads? Also, what are the key benefits of Discord?

You're doing a very good job so keep posting the community with the informative and valuable content.

Also, what's your take on steemvoter?

Followed and resteemed.


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good blog, upvoted

Thank you for the info.is it on bittrex? I trade on bitrrex


Yes, it is on bittrex.

I have one question. I know they're working on IOS and can be use anywhere but can anyone tell me for sure if it can be shipped/mail order to people in the U.S, yet?

Thank you for sharing. It was a very nice article about tenX.

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Ready for the app in a week. So excited.

This really answered my problem, thank you @cryptonet57


You're welcome @somenathsen

I like that! one day I will get that one too...

Lets hope it can stay. So, many other crypto companies have the same idea rn.. We'll see what happens. I'll sit on the sidelines until the coin hits $10 then ill hop on the train

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Crypto Payment Cards !!
Very good idea 👍👍
And wonderful article
And continue

Thank you. Very good explanation. Ive nit known that there's services like this.

Im invest uninterrupted in TenX. Julains Team work very hard and every Day!!

Very informative, thanks for sharing. Now following.