8th May 2018 : Cryptocurrencies Events To Watch | Possible Price Pumps For Crypto Traders & Investors !!

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Well, crypto market has again started to show some Bullish signs. Bitcoin fell by $600 yesterday and because of it, most of the market was in red for last 2-3 days. Alt coins corrected with substantial percentage while $30 Billion has been lost from the market within 2-3 days. 

Coin market capitalisation is holding at $442 Billion while BTC dominance has gone up to 36.2%

Alt coins corrected majorly in last 2-3 days and finally some Bullish signs can be seen again in ALT coins as we speak. 

So, let's have a look at some Alt coins whose updates are due on 8th May and we might expect a Bullish rally in these coins soon enough:

WAX :  WAX will be at LA Games Conference in Los Angeles, CA. PROOF

Bee Token (BEE) :  "...1,500 of the world’s blockpreneurs, financiers, engineers, tokenomists, regulators and visionaries will gather in Hong Kong on May 8-9." PROOF

Hydrogen (HYDRO) :  "We are starting our Ion API (auto-machine learning) tests this week. We have hundreds of data scientists that already signed up." PROOF

Sirin Labs Token (SRN) :  "The FINNEY tech specs are 99% completed. We... will be releasing them to the community in 2 weeks." PROOF

Syndicate (SYNX) :  Syndicate will be upgrading their blockchain to a new Proof-of-Stake 3.0 with masternode consensus mechanism and blockchain. PROOF

Switheo (SWH) :  "Co-founder and CCO, Jack Yeu, will be at JW Marriot in China (Hangzhou) as part of Asia tour with partner company, Open Platform." PROOF

Bytom (BTM) :  Bytom will be listed on Zeniex on next Tuesday, May 8th! PROOF

Mithril (MTH) :  Mithril will be listed on ZB.com on 5/8 and Joyso (TBD). PROOF

Ripple (XRP) :  Asheesh Birla SVP of Product Ripple will keynote at the summit. PROOF

Eidoo (EDO) : New snapshot date for the Eidoo Ubiatar airdrop. Recipients will receive up to 130 UAC tokens. Distribution starts on June 24th. PROOF

Note: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so please take care of your investments and always use stop loss orders to limit your loss.

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Cryptocurrency may be facing down slide but would return back to normal as prices drops, there are potential investors who wants it so that they can come in billions to dominate the market. No need to be afraid for Crypto is the future of the business world

This is the world of cryptocurrencies. A permanent rise and fall that keeps us with adrenaline high but with the mood up!