Gluon - Stratis Blockchain Integration - Stratis First ICO Announcement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day we have all been waiting for... Stratis has announced their first ICO of the two flagship ICOs launching on their newly released platform. Their first partnership and ICO launch is Gluon, a Silicon Valley company targeting the Automotive Industry. This is very exciting for all my fellow Stratis Holders! By the way, the price of Stratis is still cheap!!!

Check out the Link for the Blog Post Regarding the Gluon Stratis Partnership & ICO:

Check out the Link to Gluon:

Just so we are clear there are more ICOs to come for Stratis and I think this is only the beginning. Soon Stratis will announce the 2nd of their two Flagship ICOs they're launching on their newly released Blockchain BaaS Platform. This is very exciting news for Stratis and will continue to be exciting as more partnerships form with Stratis.


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