MGO - About to get listed on Bittrex?....Decide for yourself!

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Heard about MGO?

Did you know why it wasn' listed on Bittrex when it went live? It was because Bittrex wasn't ERC223 compliant.

Well great news Bittrex is now ERC223 compliant, so you know what that meens right?

How do i know for sure?


More Evidence


Watch and see what happens in the next day or so here
You have been warned lol

Get your MGO in your portfolio fast it is about to go BOOM on Bittrex...Or not lol :)

MGO is currenty listed on the following Exchanges

However always research yourself before pulling the trigger... I am only presenting you with the facts as I see them.

Also big things coming for SNGLS so keep a watchful eye

Only adding my ETH Donation address cause its cool lol but feel free to test it out:



ramikawach Rami tweeted @ 15 Aug 2017 - 16:32 UTC

In the interest of fair dissemination of information @BittrexExchange deposit contracts are now ERC223 compliant. #fyi #knowledgeispower

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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