My Top 5 Altcoin Picks of 2018 (Technical Analysis + Video)

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Going into 2018 I believe this will be year of the alts. I hope this year we see a disconnection between bitcoin and altcoins. The last quarter of 2017 seemed to be a real game chancer for altcoins. We saw almost every single coin get pumped. Than first quarter of 2018 we so far have seen every coin get dumped. Now every single year in the first quarter coins get dumped so this was somewhat expected.

Here are my 5 altcoin holdings for 2018:

  1. Ethereum
    -Has entire erc20 coin community running under it

  2. Stellar Lumens
    -Cheap, fast and backed by IBM

  3. Ripple
    -Cheap, fast and for profit centralized trying to gain corporate adoption

  4. Steem
    -Competitor for reddit, and for youtube)

  5. Wabi
    -Competitor for VEN and WTC

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion what you think about this portfolio.

I also made a video explaining each coin:

Legal Disclaimer: This post contains only my opinions and should only be used for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor. This post should not be used as financial advice.

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IMHO Ripple is not cryptocurrency. It's great tech for banks to reduce costs, but it is not decentralized, or a form of hard money. It can be created at will with a keystroke, therefore it cannot be trust-less or serve as a store of value.

I agree that XRP is more pushed towards the centralized side of things.

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