The Pulse Network: An Ultimate Medical Solution On Polkadot

The Healthcare industry is one of the ever-changing and fast-growing sectors today. With technological advancements and innovative researches, there are new-found treatments and breathtaking cures for several diseases that haunt the human race. Today medical treatments are becoming so specialized that even doctors cannot access first-hand information.  

The Underlying Problem With The Medical Field 

Though the medical sector is advanced in terms of technology, they still follow a traditional siloed approach to imparting information. There are well-documented researches and an abundance of information about various diseases across several data centers that are confined to the research institutions. If these medical data can be made readily available and accessible for everyone, the medical sector can find remarkable solutions for a plethora of issues pertaining to human health.

It is this gap of accessibility that Pulse Network is intended to fill by combining blockchain technology and AI. The purported goal of this innovative network is to ensure that advanced medical service is accessible to everyone. By accumulating all the latest medical knowledge and updates on the blockchain, Pulse Network makes it accessible for everyone, including doctors, through the internet.  

The Pulse Network: An Overview 

The Pulse Network, a medical data repository network, was built to thrive two major medical hurdles. That is, sharing of knowledge and expertise. By inculcating the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information, the Pulse Network integrates it with expert knowledge worldwide. Harnessing the power of AI, they intend to deliver the most advanced medical care information for everyone, from doctors to patients equally. 

By doing so, they ensure that there is a seamless flow of knowledge in medical care, a reliable repository, and a secure platform for sharing information worldwide. Barring all the current medical limitations, Pulse Network provides a platform where people can enjoy the benefits of state-of-art medicine from anywhere in the world. 

It has become a go-to platform for both patients and medical practitioners. They can easily track and keep a detailed record of their health and treatment-related information. When information is readily available, it becomes easy for doctors to provide the best diagnosis and treatment plan for their patients. 

Why Opt For Blockchain?

With the development and advancements in blockchain technology over the years, ignoring this technology is not a good option. The primary reason why Pulse Network chose blockchain networks to implement their idea is decentralization. Decentralizing the medical sector ensures that the flow of information is not distorted and doctors get first-hand access to information regarding the latest developments. 

Blending AI and blockchain for its infrastructure facilitate Pulse with a secure, robust, and useful information platform. In addition to all this, Pulse Network will also benefit from the following blockchain features:

  • Immutability – Data stored on the blockchain is unchangeable, as it is cryptographically sealed. Therefore, data falsification is never a concern and provides a reliable source of information. 
  • Security – Security is a given feature in the blockchain network, and there is no single point of failure in that. It ensures that the information is available all the time and there is zero error in data creation, processing, and access mechanism. 
  • Smart Contracts – Using smart contracts, administrative processes like billing, issuing prescriptions, filing insurance claims are automated and seamlessly managed.  

Benefits Of Using Polkadot Ecosystem 

After the rebranding of Pulse Network from Asclepius Network, it was then built on the Polkadot Network. This was to ensure greater efficiency and security. The Polkadot ecosystem facilitates scalability to the Pulse Network by providing the ability to run multiple chains in parallel with each transaction processing in parallel. Polkadot allows Pulse Network to seamlessly transact data and assets with applications on other blockchains due to its interoperability. 

Further, all the benefits of Polkadot, from security and efficiency to accessibility, can be harnessed by the Pulse Network, which will eventually allow it to accommodate future upgrades and additions to its medical repository.  

The Pulse Records (EMR)

Pulse Records, the electronic medical record system, is made with next-generation operability. It is dedicated to medical practitioners to help them enhance the delivery of medical services. It efficiently gathers tons of information in a mission to support the provision of advanced healthcare. It serves as a bridge between knowledge and expertise and provides doctors a gateway to access information on the latest research findings, treatments, and many more. 

Looking Forward

This revolutionary project is going to take our medical sector to the next level by providing a seamless flow of knowledge and advanced care. In the future, with the use of AI-aided diagnostic to imagine, medical records, and an integrated medical knowledge base, the Pulse Network intends to offer telemedicine also. Therefore, with the power of AI and blockchain technology, Pulse Network has established an insurmountable task and has successfully bridged the medical industry’s gaps, making it accessible and seamless.

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