Taking Medical Care To The Next Frontier With Blockchain With Pulse Network

Pulse Network is a platform built on Polkadot and is the leading provider of AI enhanced medical care. Pulse Network is a platform committed to collecting the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information and integrating it with skilled knowledge from around the world.

The platform will engage with doctors, pharmaceuticals, specialists, hospitals and individuals to build the biggest medical care data bank. This data will be enhanced with blockchain and AI to connect state-of-the-art diagnostic and pharmaceutical information with the top expertise to deliver the most progressive medical care to the whole world, equally.

The Pulse system shall provide AI aid not just to routine medical care and health promotion, but to the global medical information infrastructure of integrated medical expertise and knowledge. The system shall equip doctors with skills and knowledge to practice more accurate medical care by aiding their diagnosis and ultimately contribute to the advancement of medical care through statistical analysis of accumulated big data.

Pulse Network Value Proposition

There is a big gap between innovations and practices in the medical field. Although researchers have been working to develop new treatments and therapies to advance medical care delivery, the progresses made are generally not available to medical practitioners across the world.

The findings, prescriptions, diagnosis, therapies and associated information are in most cases concentrated in a few institutions and experts, hence cannot be of any help to medical practitioners or patients.

Pulse’s mission is to democratize medical care by collating a database of medical expertise and knowledge from all over the world and making state of the art medical care available equally across the globe. The team behind the project has practiced in the medical sector, hence they understand the challenges and the solutions that need to be implemented.

Pulse aims to increase the reach of innovative medical care, new-found knowledge and health information all over the world. The platform will not only eradicate the challenges to information access but will also offer an intelligent system that helps medical specialists to quickly find appropriate, current and most radical knowledge on the care and treatments for specific conditions. This will highly improve service delivery and reduce the expertise gap in the field. Doctors can ascertain from tried and verified remedies to provide medical care to patients.

Pulse’s solutions will be made possible through two major products:

Pulse Pocket

This is an innovative healthcare app that will support users’ wellbeing in diverse facets. It will faultlessly connect specific health data and scientific records and provide the health guidelines that best suits their health circumstances, while aiding in the gathering and incorporation of medical expertise, knowledge and records.

Pulse pocket will be developed to serve users individual needs and will incorporate different features such as a digital medicine book, health support informative videos, teleshopping, health check-up support, application for mail medical check, and alerts for severe disease prevention.

Pulse Records (EMR)

This is an electronic medical record system with next-generation operability, developed specially for healthcare providers. The application runs on patented technology that considerably shortens time required to make an entry of patient’s records to just 30 seconds, which will greatly boost efficiency as it allows doctors to spend more time examining their patients, creating room for more accurate diagnosis.

The AI-aided system will allow for the collection of case study information globally in order to integrate a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic protocols. The application will therefore offer services such as reservation system and insurance claim function, telemedicine, and real-time research of the up-to-date pharmacological information.

Blockchain and AI Integration

Pulse Network will use the blockchain technology and AI to build the core infrastructure for the platform.

Pulse will use AI and machine learning to support diagnosis through the analysis of huge volumes of accumulated data. Practitioners can logically organize and approach medical conditions by combining genetic information, medical history and updated medical information. Through AI, they can use different logics to patient encounter to improve the accuracy of diagnoses which will in turn be integrated into the information base.

Pulse will leverage the security, decentralization and immutability of blockchain to ensure all the collected data can be securely shared without compromising users’ privacy. Decentralization of the technology ensures that the network will not have a single point of failure and that data is available to users at all times. Immutability on the other hand will ensure data cannot be altered or deleted once entered into the repository.

Integration with Polkadot

The Pulse Network will use the Polkadot ecosystem to provide the ability to run multiple chains parallel to each transaction being processed, which allows for efficient scalability. Pulse has chosen Polkadot as it focuses on the chains built on it being independent in their governance, but their security being guaranteed.

Pulse Network will launch on Polkadot as a parathread and work on adding complex and time-sensitive functionality before marketing for a parachain slot. The platform understands the important requirements in the initial stages after a launch and are committed to working towards being reliable and building a track record of stable performance.

Pulse Network will profit from having its distinct chain on Polkadot, a platform that promises high transaction processing speeds and capacity to be in communication with other platforms within the network or across other blockchains.

The Pulse team is not done making innovations and unveiling new features to the platform. These features reveal the potential of the platform to transform medical care and offer medical care to everybody. The innovations attached to Pulse will enable seamless flow of knowledge and advanced care, and usher in a new future for medical care.

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