Reviewing Pulse Network; The Role Of AI & Blockchain In Transforming The Medical Sector

Pulse Network is a blockchain-based robust global medical data repository aiming to become a leading provider of AI enhanced medical care. Formerly identified as Asclepius Network, Pulse Network is leading a change in the medical industry by providing solutions aimed at enhancing the provision of medical care. The platform which has been in development since 2012 has officially integrated blockchain and AI technologies to enable it to offer up to the minute trusted medical information.

In a rapidly evolving market, challenges such as changes in medical technology and therapies are affecting a huge population. This means that only a small proportion can keep up with the rapid changes and benefit from any therapies or technologies that come out of it. Pulse has therefore seen it fit to accumulate the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information and integrate it with expert knowledge from around the world, enhancing it with AI to deliver the most advanced medical care.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential of analyzing complex data by extracting meaningful relationships with a data set. AI has transformed many industries and its role in the medical sector is very crucial as it can be used in diagnosis, treatment and predicting outcomes.

As a platform for collecting medical data and making sense of it to offer solutions, Pulse Network has embraced AI to capture and analyse data from various databases across the globe. Through this, it will be possible to offer more information to its users as well as update data depending on current research on each field. AI-based tools make the process of accurately diagnosing diseases seamless and precise, improving patient interaction with healthcare providers, systems and services.

Through the infusion of AI, Pulse Network has been able to offer two innovative products to its users, which are meant to make it easier to access medical information, medical care, as well as other social avocations such as shopping alerts from medical items. These products are;

i. Pulse pocket

Pulse Pocket is the personal healthcare app that supports users’ health. The app seamlessly links individual health information and clinical records, offering each user the health guidance that best suits their health conditions. Through the process, the app accumulates and integrates medical expertise, records and knowledge.

Users with this app can input their medical information from which the app will formulate health support informative videos, create a digital medicine notebook, and send alerts. Users have access to medicines depending on their ailments and through information provided on the app, can choose the right medicine to purchase. Those with conditions that require regular check-ups will benefit from alerts notifying them of the dates.

Pulse Pocket is developed to store vast volumes of medical data including the most advanced medical information such that users can browse and learn whenever they wish. The teleshopping feature on this app allows users access to merchandise relevant to maintaining their health. This keeps users educated on the best products or services that can help them live a healthy life.

ii. Pulse Records (EMR)

Pulse Records is an app developed to serve medical care providers and not individuals. Therefore, Pulse Network collects global case study information so that a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic information can be integrated. Medical practitioners will have access to this information, in addition to treatment guidelines issued by medical societies at all specialties. Doctors can compare information from their patients or studies with information on the app to find any clues or answers to symptoms and diagnosis.

Pulse Network hopes to offer remote clinical medical care supported by AI-aided diagnostic imaging, medical records and the integrated medical knowledge on the platform. Therefore, the most advanced medical care can be provided to people in any part of the world because of this application. This will be further possible as pharmaceutical companies can update the databases to allow doctors and pharmacists access to latest treatments.


The importance of AI has not been lost to many industries as it has transformed how processes are conducted. The ability of this technology to break down tedious processes and make sense of big data has allowed what were formerly technical and expensive procedures to be conducted at a fraction of the time, money, manpower and machine power.

Pulse Network has integrated AI into its platform to allow the access of medical care to people across the globe. Through its solution, it is possible for individuals and medical practitioners who had no previous chance of accessing certain data, diagnosis, and medication to have it within a short time. These two apps will not only provide medical care, but serve to advance the research into the health sector, preparing the world for mutations as well as other challenges that are yet to be solved.

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