ChainGuardians: Traditional Gaming Combined With Blockchain Technology

ChainGuardians: A Small Introduction 

ChainGuardians is a blockchain-based collectible game. The game sees anime make its way into the crypto space; ChainGuardians has all its in-game assets based on the Ethereum platform. The assets are represented as ERC-721 tokens. 

The team at ChainGuardians has experience in mobile gaming and browser-based gaming. The team also has significant knowledge of the NFT gaming space. ChainGuardians hopes to bring an unrivaled gaming experience and ecosystem to the NFT community through chain analysis technology and advanced game economics. The team hopes to combine traditional gaming with blockchain technology and create an enjoyable blockchain gaming experience. 

Users can play the game through web browsers, but the team also aims to build a gaming platform that can function on existing virtual worlds or function as a completely separate entity. The in-game assets are known as crypto-collectibles and include weapons, armor, guardian,, and supporting characters. Unique ERC-721 Non-Fungible tokens represent the assets on the Ethereum blockchain; the assets are unique and cannot be duplicated or counterfeited. 

What Are ChainGuardians Governance Tokens (CGG)?

The ChainGuardians platform has the ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG). These tokens are ERC-20 tokens that power the ChainGuardians ecosystem. CGG tokens can be used in the following ways 

  • Staking: Players can stake CGG tokens and earn rewards such as NFTs. 
  • Governance: GCC can also be used as a governance token, allowing users to submit proposals and voting on any changes in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 
  • Payment system: CGG tokens can be used by players as a payment mode, allowing them to earn revenue through the buy-back of tokens. 

The CGG token’s primary purpose is to reward players who participate in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. The token lets users dictate and direct the ecosystem’s balance and allows users to redeem rewards by using the token. 

The team at ChainGuardians does intend to have a public sale for the CGG tokens (to be launched on Polkastarter), with the public price targeted at $0.12. The total supply is estimated to be around 120,000,000 tokens. The date of the public sale, however, is yet to be announced. 

What Are The Benefits Of The ChainGuardians Governance Tokens (CGG)?

The CGG token has several benefits. The team at ChainGuardians believes that community-led growth is the way forward, and the CGG token will help realize that vision. Users can play and earn CGG in two ways. The first method is through staking NFT that is added to the NFT mining game. When the user wins block rewards, he is credited with ChainGuardian Credits (CGC). Users can convert CGC to ChainGuardian tokens (CGG). The second method of earning CGG is by playing the ChainGuardians RPG. 

Users can use the CGC tokens for in-game assets, NFT minting fees, and physical merchandise. Alternatively, they can convert the CGC token to CGG tokens. CGG tokens let users propose and vote on changes in the ChainGuardians ecosystem and any future changes in the ChainGuardian game economics. Users can also stake CGG and earn NFTs.    

Token Schedule And Token Allocation 

A total of 120,000,000 tokens are planned to be released into circulation by 2026. The tokens will be allocated in the following manner. 

  • 45% of the tokens will be allocated to community members. 
  • 23% of the tokens to be allocated to the team members and advisors. 
  • 19% of the tokens to be allocated to early supporters of ChainGuardians. 
  • 11% of the tokens to be allocated to the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 
  • 2% tokens to be allocated for the public sale. The date of the public sale has not been announced as of now. 

ChainGuardians has a very clear roadmap for 2021, right from Q1 to Q4. With an experienced team behind the project, ChainGuardians aims to create a worthwhile blockchain gaming experience for users. 

In Conclusion 

ChainGuardians is an exciting use case of blockchain technology. The project has created a gamified experience for users by integrating blockchain concepts. It looks like ChainGuardians has a promising future as it looks to continuously develop its in-game experience to get more crypto-enthusiasts on board. The platform is also looking at launching a 3D game world by the end of the year. With the roadmap for 2021 clearly defined, ChainGuardian looks set to take the crypto space by storm.

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