Chainguardians The First NFT Mining Game Is Set To Launch Its IDO

A Brief Introduction To ChainGuardians 

ChainGuardians is a blockchain-based game and player-driven platform that combines blockchain technology and gaming. The game sees the introduction of anime in the crypto space. ChainGuardian’s in-game assets are all on the Ethereum blockchain, represented as ERC-721 tokens. ChainGuardians hopes to bring gaming and a unique gaming experience to the NFT community and build an ecosystem built on competitive gameplay, expandable blockchain worlds, and advanced game economics.

ChainGuardians hopes to combine gaming and blockchain technology with an ecosystem that functions on existing virtual worlds or as a separate entity. 

How Does The ChainGuardians RPG Work? 

The ChainGuardians RPG allows the players to earn rewards through the game. Players can also earn CGG as a reward through in-game achievements like winning against other players or characters and increasing their character level. 

Players can also work together against in-game characters like gatekeepers. As the game progresses and the player plays more of the game, the in-game characters can become more powerful, earn credits, armaments, and other in-game assets that increase their character’s strength. 

Since the game is a turn-based game when a player is inactive, the platform allows AI battles factoring in the attribute of the character for each battle. Players can also earn credits which can be redeemed for CGG tokens. The credits can also be used to redeem other services that are available on the platform. The CGG token allows players who hold the token to participate in voting on changes or upgrades to the ChainGuardians ecosystem, acting as a governance token. 

ChainGuardians IDO On Polkastarter

ChainGuardians will be launching their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for the CGG (ChainGuardians Governance Token) exclusively on Polkastarter. The date for the IDO is 10th March 2021, with each token priced at USD 0.12. A total of $150,000 worth of CGG tokens will be made available for the launch. The CGG tokens can be used in the following manner. 

  • Staking: ChainGuardian players can stake CGG tokens and earn NFTs as rewards. 
  • Governance: The CGG token can also be used as a governance token. Players can propose changes and vote on any changes in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 
  • Payment system: The CGG token can also be used as a payment system. Players can use this to earn revenue through token buy-backs. 

Even though the token has several uses, its primary function is to reward players in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. It allows players to redeem rewards and dictate the ecosystem’s balance. 

Benefits Of The ChainGuardians Governance Tokens

The ChainGuardians CGG token has several benefits and uses. The team behind ChainGuardians wants to encourage community-led growth and development, believing that it is the way forward, and the CGG token is a step towards realizing that vision. Players can earn CGG in two ways. 

  • Users can stake NFTs added to the NFT mining game. If the user gets a block, he is rewarded with ChainGuardian Credits (CGC). Users can also convert CGC to CGG. 
  • Users can also earn CGG by playing the ChainGuardians RPG. 

CGC tokens can be used for NFT mining fees, in-game assets, and merchandise. Players can also convert the CGC tokens to CGG tokens. CGG tokens allow players to vote on changes in ChainGuardians. 

ChainGuardians Tokenomics: Token Schedule and Allocation 

ChainGuardians plans to release 120,000,000 tokens by 2026. The token allocation will be done in the following way. 

  • A total of 45% of the tokens will be allocated to community members. 
  • 23% of the tokens will be allocated to advisors and team members. 
  • Early supporters of ChainGuardians will be allocated 19% of the total tokens. 
  • 11% of the tokens will be allocated to the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 
  • 2% of the tokens will be allocated for the public sale. 

ChainGuardians NFT Mining. How To Get Started?

To play the ChainGuardians NFT mining game, all I have to do is register with Safe Name and ChainGuardians. Once you have registered, submit your mining team of 9 NFTs. The NFTs can be sourced from ChainGuardians or from partner games. 

So how do we get started with NFT mining on ChainGuardians? It’s quite simple. First, you have to have a ChainGuardians account. In case you don’t have an account, please create one so that you can get started. Let’s look at the following steps and get started. 

  • Visit the ChainGuardians website and click on the link for the NFT mining game. 
  • Log-in to ChainGuardians with your credentials. To sign in, provide the username that you have signed up with. 
  • From the list of NFTs, select the NFTs you wish to mine. 
  • Once you have selected the NFTs, click on the “Start Mining” button. 

Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you can use NFTs to mine ChainGuardian Credits (CGC). These can be used to make in-game purchases in the ChainGuardians RPG game. The credits can also be converted to ChainGuardians Governance Tokens. 


ChainGuardians combines blockchain technology and gaming and is an exciting new use case for blockchain technology. The project integrates different blockchain concepts and creates a new, gamified experience for players. The team at ChainGuardians is continuously improving and developing the game and in-game experience, hoping to attract more crypto enthusiasts. 

ChainGuardians has a clear roadmap for 2021 and beyond and looks set to take over the crypto space.

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