ChainGuardians Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Of CGG Token To Go Live On Polkastarter

ChainGuardians is a platform combining blockchain technology and gaming to enable a player-focused and player-driven economy. Players of the game can participate in both the ChainGuardians RPG game and the ChainGuardians NFT mining platform, earning income and rewards. 

ChainGuardians has announced their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for the ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG) on Polkastarter, the premier decentralized fundraising platform. 

ChainGuardians IDO Details 

The ChainGuardians IDO will be taking place exclusively on the Polkastarter platform on 10th March 2021. $150,000 worth of CGG tokens will be made available during the public sale at a $0.12 per CGG token price.

ChainGuardians hopes to raise $150,000 through the Polkastarter IDO. There will be separate pools, one pool for $POLS holders and another pool for ChainGuardians community members. Out of the $150,000 worth of tokens available during the public sale, $90,000 worth of tokens will be reserved exclusively for $POLS token holders, and the remaining $60,000 worth of tokens will be reserved for the ChainGuardians community. In order to participate, both pools need to be whitelisted. 

To complete the whitelisting process, all users must register on the ChainGuardians website, the ChainGuardians Telegram community, and follow ChainGuardians on Twitter. Users will also have to provide all necessary documentation to complete KYC formalities.     

The ChainGuardian Token

The ChainGuardians Governance Tokens (CGG) are the driving force of the ChainGuardians ecosystem. They are ERC-20 tokens that are based on the Ethereum network. The token has several use cases which users on the platform can take advantage of. Some of the use cases are 

  • Staking: Users can stake the tokens and earn NFTs. 
  • Governance: CGG tokens can also be used as a governance token, enabling players to vote on any changes or propose changes on ChainGuardians. 
  • Payment System: Players can use the CGG token as a payment system, earning revenues through token buy-backs. 

The primary function of the CGG token is to reward the players in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 

The total number of CGG tokens is set at 120,000,000, with 45% of tokens reserved for the community members. 

ChainGuardian Tokenomics 

Token Schedule And Allocation 

ChainGuardians plans to release a total of 120,000,000 tokens into circulation by 2026. 1% of the tokens will be made available for the public sale on 10th March. The token allocation has been done in the following manner. 

  • Community members have been allocated 45% of the tokens. 
  • Advisors and team members have been allocated 23% of the tokens. 
  • Early supporters of the ChainGuardians platform have been allocated 19% of the tokens. 
  • 11% of tokens will be allocated to the ChainGuardians ecosystem. 
  • 2% of the tokens have been allocated for public sale. 

About ChainGuardians 

ChainGuardians is where blockchain, gaming, and superheroes meet. The platform combines gaming and blockchain technology, creating a unique gaming experience. It also boasts the world’s first NFT mining platform and an interoperable RPG. ChainGuardians has both imaginative and deep storytelling and inspirational artwork. 

ChainGuardians creates a unique and balanced game ecosystem utilizing the concepts of free-to-play and play-to-earn. It gives users the power to make decisions on the platform through governance. 

About Polkastarter 

Polkastarter is the next logical step for interoperable DeFi. It uses a specifically built protocol for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital in an interoperable and decentralized environment based on Polkadots. Polkastarter allows decentralized projects to quickly raise capital and enables users to use assets beyond the current ERC20 standard.


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