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Bitcoin is no doubt the currency of resistance.Nor can anyone stop its appreciating value and nor can anyone stop you to become wealthy and enjoy financial freedom .

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Roger Ver is such a douche. Talks about the superiority of BCash, still holds a shit ton of BTC....

Hey @cryptogeek001 I see you are using 100% power up option. You might not want to do that. I wrote a detailed post explaining why, you should read it.
DON'T USE 100% POWER UP - You Will Lose a Lot of Money
thank me later ;)

[email protected] As i was new few days ago so i was not getting your point of 100% power up option but after some days i got and still learning more about steemit.Just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart.Now i am using the default 50-50 % power up option on my posts.

Thanks Again :) :)

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