NEWS: BTC/ZCL Fork, EOS Decentralized Exchange with BitFinex and Stellar Lightning Network

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This isn't the first time ZCL is forking off of Bitcoin. ZCL itself is a forked coin off of Bitcoin's chain with the promise of enhanced privacy features. ZCL recently forked in February with Bitcoin Private (BTCP). BTCP had great hype around it and the price has done pretty well for a while. Unfortunately, BTCP has taken a deep dive just like may other coins in the bear market. My strategy is buy ZCL before fork and sell them all 2 days before the fork. ZCL has pumped over 13,750% before the fork of BTCP and crashed back to where it was after fork. You can make quite bit of a profit from this news. Here is ZCL chart and the source of the info.

EOS DEX - Eos-Finex

EOS has done a milestone deal for themselves. They are going to release a decentralized exchange partnering with BitFinex one of the most long standing exchanges in the market. DEX will be running on EOS's blockchain which is huge for EOS and it's adoption. I personally would not be surprised if EOS introduces a discount on trading fees when you hold EOS just like BNB-Binance discount. EOS had already a little pump but I think the launch of DEX will push the price much higher. Here is the source of the news.

Stellar Implementing Lightning Network

Stellar is introducing Lightning Network on it's mainnet in 2018. There is no set date however, this is a big technological development for XLM. It will enable faster transactions, cheaper transactions and most importantly it will run on a private channel thus, increasing privacy. Currently, Bitcoin is trying to come up with a second layer solution to combat with high transaction volume. Since, XLM is implementing something that Bitcoin has been trying for around a year now, XLM is bound to get lots of hype and attention once LN is implemented. Here is the source, Buy Bitcoin safely from Coinbase: My Favorite Exchange Binance: No trading fee exchange CoinEx :

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