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in cryptocurrency •  last year  (edited)

Hello everyone,

My alias name is cryptoeistein. Not that I'm the inventor of cryptocurrency (That crown belongs to someone else), but I'm merely an enthusiast with the thirst for more knowledge.

That is why I joined this great community with the aim of learning more and sharing what I know. As a recent graduate in Bachelor of Science zoology, I will also post on a few zoological ideas that affect our day to day lives.

Today, we simply can't live on the degree we earn. And that is why, I decided to learn about online ways to earn a living so I took a job as an article writer and a blogger. That was when I stumbled upon a client who needed articles on cryptocurrencies which I was very excited about.

I wrote over 700 articles on different cryptocurrencies. It pained me to let the work go but as we had a contract that all rights are his, I had to. I went on to study more on cryptocurrencies and in the end decided to venture into the crypto world.

I hope to share the knowledge I have acquired with all of you and I'm looking forward to getting to know most of you. Thanks for your time and hope to make the most of it.


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