Library Credits- An Undervalued Cryptocurrency that Steemians Should Consider as Tron Foundation Acquires Steemit


Library Credits is an undervalued cryptocurrency with a working network and product. With a current price below $0.01 and a market position of #527 by marketcap, Library Credits (LBRY) is an undervalued cryptocurrency battered by the market bloodbath worthy of your attention.

Library Credits was created in 2016 as an altcoin with the vision of decentralized video content, and was an original ICO. The Library Credits program is available in a desktop and mobile version, with the mobile wallet and application developed in 2019. After 4-years, the program is still in beta, and like Steemit, most tokens are centralized and owned by a few LBRY whales. The marketcap of LBRY has declined precipitously along with the greater cryptocurrency market, and the cryptocurrency is far from it's all-time high of $1. Despite these shortcomings, LBRY is an overlooked and underutilized gem. As a beta project, you have the ability to get in on the ground floor as crypto-winter deepens.

Like Steemit, LBRY offers users a decentralized video and content program where curators and creators participate in the marketplace. Users tip each other and participate in an internal rewards structure that rewards ecosystem participation. STEEM, the cryptocurrency asset whose blockchain contains Steemit, is much more popular than LBRY's Library Credits content Dapp. The acquisition of Steemit by the Tron Foundaiton and the drama therein is causing former Steemians to seek new content platforms, which is a huge potential catalyst for Library Credits. The small marketcap of LBRY creates a large profit potential for current token holders. Steemit is a STEEM Dapp with an uncertain future, but a much larger following and marketcap, whose bleedover to LBRY blockchain Dapps could be a game changer.
The mobile app is a game changer for LBRY, and is a sleek and functional experience.

The app is in beta mode, and users are beta testers. Now is the time to create a channel and content. In addition, anyone can create Dapps based off of the LBRY code. There is an opportunity to create a rich Dapp ecosystem for new users. As a beta tester of the app, you can create a channel, upload videos and curate content. There is also a rewards function for daily activity that rewards active participants in LBRY tokens.

Library Credits must compete with Steemit. Steemit has 3Speak and Dtube, applications that are easy to use and profitable for both curators and content creators. New users of this undervalued and underutilized asset may be ripe for content formation and Dapp creation. This is a great to add this cryptocurrency project to add to your portfolio. As the Steemit drama unfolds, any former Steemian should consider moving to the LBRY blockchain.

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