Cryptocurrency : Part1 - The Basics 04252018

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Cryptocurrency : Part1 - The Basics

As I promise I will be posting some basics in cryptocurrency.

I know there is already some basic information about this and found on internet, if you know something about it you can post your links below on comments. Lets help each other 😉 .

Cryptocurrency is define as digital assets use for online transaction with security features and blockchain technology. In layman's term it is digital money use in internet. This digital money is a part of a payment system using blockchain instead of using debit cards, credit cards and other payment processor like Paypal, Skrill, etc.
New and some payment processor these days now accept cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency use cryptographic method to secure the transaction in an open ledger that we call blockchain. Every transaction moves in a certain block depends on a number of blocks required on its source code and also depends on its algorithms. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and gain most of the value.

Many developer post their coin specification on announcements, and also you will find them especially all the major coins at website. Steem is at number 31 as of this writing 😊 .

Watch this video below from youtube for additional information about crypto currency:

More announcement will be soon for new updates.

And more about this topic (Blockchain, Mining, Trading, etc)

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cryto market now boom

cryptographic method to secure

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