New age is start. Cryptocurrency Age. Why BTC and all altcoins going to the moon?

Since 2015, the market cap of Bitcoin has increased from $2.5 bln to $185 bln, by 74-fold.

All cryptocurrency market cap is now $348 bln. We have 1320 Cryptocurrencies and 7060 Markets. On the other hand Bitcoin is now the sixth most circulated currency in the world. BTC leave behind Pound and Ruble. Now opponents are Dolar, Euro, Yen and Yuan.

Watch this video and u say; is bitcoin goes to 100k $ in 2018?


Teşekkür ederim.. elimden geldiğince işte :) o sizin güzel görüşünüz..

Nice post! I upvoted and followed you. Can you check my last blog post about crypto: ?

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