Top 3 Altcoins Under $100 Million Market Cap - Altcoins to Buy - Best Altcoins - CryptoCurrency News

We go over the top 3 altcoins under $100 million market cap! We think these are cryptocurrency altcoins to buy!

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I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research.

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I only trade coins on Binance because I think it's the safest place and most professionally ran.


I agree! I just made a Kucoin since it seems like it will be the top 2nd exchange. Diversify is key I believe from coins to exchanges.

Can Yacoin (CAN) sounds interesting. My wife always checks out people on Angie’s List before hiring them.

Dfs coin upfiring and adshares updates/reviews

I like gaming is really big and I like the concept behind what they are trying to do.

Could you maybe classify these by risk factor? Maybe give them a rating?


Would be good to see some sort of risk factor applied

Keep it up, I love your videos and watch everyone every day!

Check out .... Pure (PURE)

What about DGD ? Would love to hear more about that.

I am in Australia I can see CAN becoming very popular here. Especially with the increase in popularity of apps such as airtasker and gumtree jobs.


Do you hold any POWR? I hear Power Ledger is very popular in Australia.

I plan on investing in CAPP once ETH comes up a bit more. Kicking myself for buying @ 1300 lol

anyone else having trouble with the WePower token sale site?

Hey Zac,

Appreciate all the time and effort you put into your crypto news videos for us, I follow you on all Social Media platforms. I live all the way down in Australia mate, never miss a video. Keep up the good work and all the best expanding your brand !!!

Thanks for the videos Zach! Following on YouTube, Twitter and here.

Hey Zach. Which exchanges do you use primarly the smaller alt coins? I've had some deposits not show up in one of the smaller ones. Still trying to get my ETH with no response from customer support (16 days). It would be nice to know which ones you trust. Thanks!

Interesting video thanks, keep it up :)

Always spot on!
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