Monkey Capital - The future of Hedge Funds on the Blockchain

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By now you should have heard about the Monkey Capital ICO, if you haven't, now is a good time to come out from under the rock. If you like high risk and high opportunity, look no further.

I can go into a huge number of details on the ICO, but its better that you read about it for yourself here
What I want to talk about is 'disruption'. People will no doubt have negative things to say about the model and how it operates, but don't people always have negative things to say about the things they don't comprehend?

Others will see this for what it is. Its a complex series of acquisitions, trading, fund raising and potentially flipping where HODLers will receive dividends on successful deals made. What does that mean? So yes, there are a huge number of opportunities to make money from the dividends you will receive. However, such is the case with life, 'fortune favours the brave' and therefore those who see the opportunities to trade in what will be a seemingly infinite amount of pairs will benefit hugely from a financial sense.

Unlike traditional ICOs Monkey Capital, is already bringing nearly all the daily volume to the Waves platform through Coeval and its other pairs. Not a bad effort. Wait until they get onto an exchange like Bittrex.

Crypto hasn't seen a project quite like this and this could genuinely pave the way for a lot of copycat ICOs in the near future. There are some 70 hedge fund ICOs listed to start in the near future, but none are as disruptive to the market as this one.

As always this is not financial advice and you should do your own research. Investing in crypto is volatile and you should not invest more than you can afford to lose

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As always do your own research and this is not to be taken as financial advice

Funny was just having a look at them this morning

Definitely worth a look. Under the radar at the moment