Some facts about CryptoCurrency..! Update 4

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  • Bitcoin didn't die, it is a just correction phase, this is beginning.

  • Remember that the ETF is coming and will have a positive influence on the market.

  • Institutional money is entering into the market, we just don't see it,
    Because they are grabbing every dip.

  • We can expect to start bull run in mid August!

  • Patience is key in this game! We are going to the moon!

Bitcoin ETF Decision will NOT be on August 10

Certainly, already has heard from August 10, the date in which the SEC will decide its decision on a proposed Bitcoin ETF.

[ On June 26 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received an application from CBOE Global Markets for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) license. ]

The approval of a bitcoin ETF could be great news for cryptography, that would move the price of BTC significantly and help protect shareholders against operational risks associated with investing in the asset.

Previously, it was suggested that the SEC would take its decision with respect to the proposal before August 10. However, it now seems that the date might not be correct.

Date left the notice from the SEC that States that a decision will be not less than 45 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register. The SEC notice was published on June 26, but that is not the same date was published in the Federal Register. The publication of the Federal Register only appeared on July 2, which means that the date for a decision is August 16. Even then, the date can be extended if necessary. An extension of 45 days is possible. This means that a decision is expected at the latest on September 24.


Update 3 - 10 hours after publish

Somebody asks me some questions I think its questions is very important to understand the importance of the ETF Thanks You for asking Right Qustions

Bitcoin didn't die, it is a just correction phase, this is beginning.
Answer: Bitcoin still major base currency and still #1 on coinmarketcap
Remember that the ETF is coming and will have a positive influence on the market. Why? Explain the process how it impacts the prices

ETF an Exchange Traded Fund,
An ETF is a type of fund which owns the underlying assets such as shares of stock, bonds, oil Futures, gold bars foreign currency.. And now BITCOIN

The Etf Divides ownership of the assets into shares and shareholders have access to their portion of the profits!

ETF’s trade on exchanges such as


$10 trillion market cap

New York Stock Exchange

US$ 21.3 trillion market cap as of June 2017

London Stock Exchange

US$6.06 trillion

Six Swiss Exchange

CHF 1,148 Billion market cap as of 2014

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

HKD 30.54 trillion (2017)

(Market cap source Wikipedia)

ETF trades like a common stock and are traded all day and this way bitcoin market get new attracting investors or prices fluctuating liquidity in the market once an ETF is listed on a stock exchange it is opened to thousands of traders

Mean put a fire under the bitcoin price :)

Most responses so far appear to be in favor of a BitCoin ETF. For example, President of LogicBox, Inc. Jeremy T. Goemaat writes:

I strongly support the listing and trading shares of SolidX Bitcoin Shares … This fund seeks to target high net-worth investors, so I do not see a risk to retail investors. To to [sic] contrary, I think and ETF that is backed by actual bitcoins versus futures, is much more healthy for the market and will provide more stability.

Travis Williams writes:

I suggest action be taken to start approving ETFs versus inaction which appears to be more damaging to investors.

Ryan Donohue writes:

We strongly urge that this ETF get approved to signal more businesses to get involved with more regulation and prove this market safe for everyone looking to get involved.

Institutional money is entering into the market, we just don't see it,
Because they are grabbing every dip.

2017 after rejaction Bitcoin Futures began trading as big investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan started dipping their toes in cryptocurrencies

In this wallet 48,000 Bitcoin Hold from last month i don't know why but still hold and there are many wallets who hold there coins in last few month

click here for blockchain

Keep your eyes peeled for news on ETF’s!

Update 4 - 2 day after publish

Hi guys so finally Bitcoin make a breakout and am getting strong bullish confirmations from here.

As you can see in this chart above long term formation has broken and we see a huge spike in prices in last 24 hrs, Bitcoin jumped over $1000 and that's a huge gain.

absolutely not, probably that's the exact time to catch the train, don't just sit and cry that i missed the dips, Bitcoin is still undervalued, and for the next rally we need to confirm first, and probably that's the confirmation.

Remember guys nothing is financial advice here, your funds and decisions are your own responsibility, don't rely on others always do your own research.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received an influx of comments on behalf of cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the matter of the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. So far it's looking extremely favorable for an ETF!

Let's all get our comments in favour of this and show the unity of this space. Also, let everyone know once you've submitted your comment below. I'll leave the link to the website

How to submit comments:

Main website article:

Will wait to get your opinion ?

i am not a writer by profession i am basically a trader so when i was start this topic some people do down vote to me i am sorry if i hearts somebody with my this post.

Note: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so please take care of your investments and always use stop loss orders to limit your loss.

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Been a long summer, can’t wait to finally make some serious gains again, but until then ill keep accumulating.


yeah .. summer is going and profit is coming .
i am seriously waiting for winters.


Most important thing is to keep cool. I invested only in projects I really believe in. You know that your investment is a good one if you dont care about daily swings. Longterm is the magic word. Give the technology the time to grow. Good luck to all my crypto bros.

Flagged for disagreement on rewards; over $600 for a posting without any substance or originality is a bit over the top, wouldn't you agree?

Apart from that: These aren't facts, but opinions without any foundation, and possibly very irresponsible trading advice, which also helps making this a good candidate for the Shit Post of the Day Award.


I can agree with that!


How did he got $600 for a post ? I think something is off or that's not the total amount of money he received. I still don't understand Steemit system so well even after reading about it from some top rated and comprehensive posts on Steemit about Steemit


He bought some big votes using bidbots.

Yes, you can actually buy votes on Steemit.


So he bought votes of $600? Or only $200-$300 and the rest was money made from Steemit? If he paid $600 for bots what's his benefit? The post wasn't spectacular neither to leverage his acctions through paid promotion :/

I'd like to believe there's some kind of ROI you can get out of doing that the right way.

How long will I need to wait for the rocket to depart from earth to moon?


In just few days after August...!

Most of the listed things are just opinions and mere speculation.


Most of the listed
Things are just opinions and
Mere speculation.

                 - abhinavramesh12

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Blockchain has numerous advantages:

But there's more to like about blockchain technology than just its decentralization. Because miners are working 24 hours a day and seven days a week to verify transactions, they can be settled much quicker than through traditional banking, which sticks to normal businesses hours, closes for the weekends, and often holds funds for a few days. Plus, without a middleman, transaction costs can actually go down with blockchain.

Additionally, blockchain offers user control and transparency. Rather than letting a third-party control the future of a cryptocurrencies' blockchain, members of a cryptocurrencies' community are who call the shots with regard to future development.


Yes..! You are right, that's why crypto have 100% future


I generally agree, and I think some of these guys posting here so negatively are sour grapes.


Nope, nothing sour. Those points aren't facts, it's opinion, and that's a fact. Also, the original post here reminded me of a second grader's book report. And the value of this post does not reflect popular opinion. The author bought those rewards, so there's nothing to be jealous about. I could make the trending page ten times today if I felt like it. Being here with nearly $600 next to the post is not an accomplishment. If I buy a cheeseburger, I'm not accomplishing a cheeseburger. I'm purchasing it.

This guy will take a loss here because of his financial decisions today. He probably doesn't even know that, and he's sitting here offering up financial advice to you folks who naively buy this bullshit.

I could piss in a jar, take a picture of it, and talk about the health benefits of drinking it, and because I could boost that bullshit up to the front page here with a few hundred dollars, people would believe it. I could literally sell you folks my piss and many would think I'm the greatest man alive for doing it.

So whatever, call it sour grapes all you want.


OK, I respect your opinion, and maybe you're right. The title was a bit off, but I do tend to agree with his conclusion. Just the negative energy seems a little misplaced.


Fair enough. Being honest these days often comes across as negative. People need to be cuddled. I get it. Unfortunately, I see no need to mince my words and beat around the bush.

Have a good day.


I wouldn't worry too much about the bidbots, it's part of the natural growth of the platform and will be competed away quickly on its own. If enough people use the bots' steempower for upvoting the ROI will disappear, making it a level field for quality posts on its own. IMO. Have a great day yourself!


I'm not worried about the bidbots. I made nearly 23000 SP without using bots. These people using them lose money. Since the term ROI is used, they subject themselves to losing even more once tax season rolls around. I don't worry about them either though. Making silly decisions with their money is their right.


Cool, what I'm saying is I wouldn't worry much about their effect on the platform long-term, never mind the individual case here. The incentives are there for the cream to rise.


I've been here for nearly two years. I've already seen and experienced the negative impact they've left in their wake. You're barking up the wrong tree.

Bitcoin didn't die, it is a just correction phase, this is beginning.

Why? BTC is a shitcoin afterall.

Remember that the ETF is coming and will have a positive influence on the market.

Why? Explain the process how it impacts the prices

Institutional money is entering into the market, we just don't see it,
Because they are grabbing every dip.

Any proof for that? Oh well there is non, because you just claim that.

We can expect to start bull run in mid August!


Patience is key in this game! We are going to the moon!

That´s what the Lehman Brothers investors said lulz


This is real Facts


I have updated post all Answers .


Awesome work:)

I think Btc will recover and the next bull run will be much bigger. A lot of positive news was that didn't effect the market but will show strength after some big price movements. Fundamental reasons for that is that big smart money already are going in that direction and we will see the influence of that in this year already, maybe even in August.


True. And it also depends id countries wont ban cryptos. I wrote a comprehensive list of countries that may ban cryptos.


We all hope it will happen soon...and dream comes true...


If the ETF gets approved then we are definitely moving higher! A lot of great projects for the year already!!! Blockchain is the future and those folks who don’t jump on board will get left behind... I foresee a 45k- 60k Bitcoin by the end of the year!!!


Big money will pour in if we get ETF


It will not only recover, it will surely hit 50K USD by the end of 2018 and from there it again get correction.
so lets wait and watch...

@cryptocity24 Patience is the key for sure


Yes you are right preetika...All crypto traders should need this Patience...Before taking any decision.More you HODL more you gain profit in this Crypto Industry,I think....


patience, don't desperate!

The crypto advertise is a clever one. Over the previous year, it has extremely overwhelmed the world, yet individuals really know almost no about it.

  1. They are extraordinarily unstable

  2. There are more than 1,300 digital currencies

  1. Bitcoin Mining Is Getting Harder

4.More than 6 million crypto wallets accessible

  1. Losing of your private key means losing of your digital currency treasure

6.Satoshi, however not the Bitcoin maker

The bulls will be back sooner or later. Patience is the key with everything in life. HODL and profit.


Yes, right..!

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This has turned into a waiting game right now. Truly agree with you. Many good news in the crypto-space contrary to bearish trend.

The main reason is Digital Revolution. there is never ending interest on BTC, and thats the reason which force to take ETF approval and there aslo upcoming project. So finger crossed & hope for the best.


Yes..! You are absolutely right

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Cryptocurrency is life, and we are expecting a continuous massive pump...
Year end will be great.


Oh lalaa Cryptocurrency is life.this year end will be great with new ATH

Ive been waiting like a zen master.

What is ETF?


ETF pronounces as exchange-traded-fund and express a type of investment fund for investors where the cost of goods like gold, stocks and oil can be chased. So these goods can be substituted on exchanges. it will allow investors to purchase and sell their hold amound of goods for substituted offered by exchanges.

Install this app and read this one post What is ETF ? (15 July,)


What makes you think Bitcoin ETF will be approved this time? I don't see that happening any time soon and I hope I am wrong but I think 2018 is going to be a bearish year for crypto.


I believe that the this time possibility of SEC approval for BitCoin ETFs is high because many banks or companies invest after rejected last time. Should this happen, investors in cryptocurrency could see unrivaled market gains. The time to invest is now.


I would be more than happy to be proved wrong.
But It looks great in the long run 2-5 years from now.

I totally share your opinion and I am confident on the constant raise in crypto.

But guys please your own research, do you think the most active crypto is BTC? It is just the most famous one, but in terms of features it is certainly not the first..

Check out this:


Yes..! Right do your own research is very important my update post

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What do you thinks another currency


Same thinking of alt-coin bull run starts in mid August

bro say about ETF it will approve or not..?


Maximum hope for approving but don't invest anything only on ETF hope


but m already bought some ALTS


now date of ETF delayed

HOPE FOR SURE IN ETF NEWS....@cryptocity24


Yes..! @pareshdudhagra There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. (Bernard Williams)

this is a subject that should be discussed, but I think that bitcoin is safe
saludos desde venezuela


Yes..! Right bitcoin is safe @soymanuel

from etf news everyone forget about past things of bearish time we live in positive hope so will get good jump from 10 augest 2018 @cryptocity24


Every time we forget past things of bearish now some peopel said bitcoin going going and later same they people invest again lol

nice post, i am very much sure that the decision on ETF will brings bull run back in bitcoin and other crypots


Yes @ashu123 this time ETF very important for ATH (All Time High)

We are still the early adopters, we will lough at the current prices in few years... Bitcoin will be 6 figures, it just need time


Yes, @murdocsvk ..! Because it's already in 4 figures which start from under 1 figure

CryptoCurrency = fear = down = loss ?
Wait = more buy = wait = profit


Yes, right good and profitable strategy.

The bull will return to face the bear in a battle of epic proportions.

We are still very early in the crypto game!

I'd expect us to be back around 15,000 at end of the year unless big news comes out (such as the etf)!I hope we can go to the moon!

Give me a follow!

Great share, thanks for posting.

I think people need to remember the prices of the crypto / bitcoin compared to last year. It's still a big improvement and it is growing. People only focus on the highest price and what it is now, be patient people!

Future of cryptocurrency is bright
100% sure


Yes you are right ...It is the revolution and revolution never dies it's take place in History...Bitcoin is Immortal...


Please upvote & comment on my blogs too as I am new here & need help of you guys to grow on Steemit.

nice article

Interesting facts :)

I certainly believe in what you have said but i think ETF is not that easy task that we all are thinking i think it will take time but if ETF gets the approval than we will be looking at atleast $65000 bitcoin and the alt coin market will blast like never before. #most of us will become Millionaire.

@cryptocity24 ETF might get approved.

so much pain


Don't worry, it's just correction time, check history from 2014



What do you think bull run is coming? Or bull trap

Yes you are right, Bitcoin is not dead, it is merely in a correction phase since last 7 months. At the moment, patience is an only solution. last year Bitcoin price was circulating around 2500 USD and today it is nearly 6800 USD.
Approximate mining cost for 01 Bitcoin is around 6200 USD and it has always stayed 300% above its mining cost. so its a BUY call from my side for Cryptocurrency.

ETF will take crypto currency another
level #PowerOfCryptoCurrency ♨️


Hey cryptocity24 that is a great post/artwork, you have earned an upvote from me ! Did you know about the latest addition to the steem blockchain ? It’s called Artisteem and as you may have guess from the name it is focus around art, you should really check it out ! (

Bueno nos toca esperar para Agosto saludos gracias por la informacion.


Gracias por tus comentarios tus

Now bitcoin will never will only grow


Yes, dear, it's already growing check form 2009 it's only beginning because we are at 2.7 billion right now and terillions of market cap on next door


Exactly from 2009 it is always growing

Blackrock I read today is eying Crypto. Etf? Just bought me some extra BTC and BCH saturday.


Yes..! If you don't want to miss ETF train, then that's the right time for buying and holding.

So, we need to wait and don't desperate?


I think we need to wait and can't sell anything in the loss but do your own research

ETF will change the game the game of the market just be patience


Yes, dear @online87700 ETF very important things

A correction? lol NO, this is market manipulation.

I don't believe that bitcoin is the future. cause our banking system and corrupt politics don't want this to regulate it. hat your opinion on this.


Don't worry @harrysaini bitcoin unstoppable if govements need tax on bitcoin then they need first regulate it and govements always need money.


yes you are right, but banks also play a vital role here, they put hurdles in the way of bitcoin.

Bitcoins recovery will be a slow one. Not expecting another big bull run for a long time out. Maybe the ETF announcement will help in the meantime, but not enough for a huge push right now imo.


Yes..! BTC recovery slow but if ETF news come positive, then bitcoin hit new ATH (All Time High) in few days.

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Hello, I just followed you. Please do well to follow back

Bitcoin Good Coin Good cryptocurrency So Grate blog Dear

It's very crazy! we need earn money!!

In my opinion, I feel it too risk.


Yes, you are right crypto always at risk :) But we are not talking about investment we are talking about currnt situation

bitcoin plan next year surprise every boddy


i hope it's soon then next year

Good information... upvote for you

@cryptocity ... yes bitcoin is future currency and with another altcoins whole world can transact each other in cryptocurrency and this will definately happen in future and very soon .


Yes...! Today bitcoin grow more than 1000$ it's a proof :)

You just won a state the obvious contest. Congratulations you get a really pathetic downvote.

Spotcoin’s exchange will differ from other crypto exchanges !!

There are no other fiat to digital currency providers in the Black Sea region that can provide access to local national currencies.


The Main differences

  1. Black Sea region first mover advantage
  2. Simple liquidity for the NEO
  3. Highest token dividend
  4. Dividends from more than just the exchange
  5. More than one leg to stand on

Read More :

Yes you are absolutely ryt, what is your prediction on bitcoin price at end of 2018?


Thanks for your comments @ispeaksforum


I think bitcoin will hit new ATH but you don't invest on my predictions just do your own research and get help from my post

you are right bro this is correction , i am sure it will return to its high and break all the records


Yap. bitcoin will hit ATH before next year.

Yes. BTC still in fighting downstream syndrome... Hahaha... What's happening now is like a disease affecting us. Hoping for a medicine that can cope from these diseases...

@cryptocity24 nice post but its relay possibal ???? how can we do ?


Can bitcoin price not come from 0.08$ to 7400$ as today and it's already hits near 20,000$. if an ETF approved the bitcoin then possible and if not approved then we need wait for next time or something other big good news

Interesting article. Thank you very much.

@cryptocity24 I agree the fact that bitcoin will never die and people who came for quick money, they must understand this. In coming future cypto can go very high price but noone can predict that time when. And now a days there is hype of ETF and people saying that if ETF is approved the price can go up to 60k USD but its not looking practical. Reason is that if we need 60kUSD price then market cap has to go up 20 times as per the current value of 250 Billing USD approx. this ETF is only for US and if we look at the broader view and then US alone can not make it to turn 20 times. so guys dont buy just because of hype and make your decision after self analysis and future will be yours.


Brother it's very hard time for bitcoin like old, but if an ETF approved the bitcoin then we can't imagine how much will bitcoin grow and i think 20 times too much easier if ETF get approved.because you check exchange caps, which I mention in my post if bitcoin listed in single exchange then possible bitcoin cap get 20x or more


right bro, You point is true and I agree on the same. Looking forward to hear the good news.

Very nice content included. Check out my blogs too :)


Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)


Hahah thanks @deepak0007 for your good mood :)

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Ameen to u

very good profile, if you can visit my page thank you.

Bit coin is the only currency in the world that currently sold for $ 6300 @crypocity24


Yes..! And today price is 7423$

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You're welcome

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Hai friend u give good information. keep it up .i upvote your post. u also upvote my post.

I think BTC perform some days not long time.Do you agree with me?


Dear @nafees126 I think bitcoin more decentralized than other ALT-coins I think it's working long time, but only as a payment system, it's not working in future like etherum (smart contract) neo (smart contract) or their have many ALTs with more beautiful technologies then bitcoin

Long bitcoin BRO!

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I do not believe what you write,
though everybody upvotes you,
including me. Tja.


LOL..! Because I have shit post award hahaha, but people still like and vote Thanks everybody

Bitcoin has died 300 times apparently


Yes, it's not the first time you are right @crypto3em3

Thanks for going into detail about etf take care


You are always welcome dear @marcuswahl

Muy bueno

Thanks for the information great post

Can you support me by follow me

Hi your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
am from China, Beijing.
hope can get your early response discuss about this.
Thank you so much for your sharing.


Yes..! Sure do, it's because crypto need help at this time and don't forget comments on the SEC website.


thanks so much, i will .

I totally love this and agree with you in line with what you have shared. I am willing to learn more from this platform and also on crypto.


Thanks for your comments @kinglypalace


You are warmly welcome:)

I love reading and enjoying crypto news and updates:)

Thanks for sharing


You always welcome dear @kinglypalace


Thanks for the great work:)

Hi, Mr. Crypto City @cryptocity24 , your post regarding BTC is very much impressive and knowledgeable to ... please tell me
is this right time to invest in crypto Giant BTC???

I am waiting your valuable replies from you....


Dear @amusdnom I am not crypto adviser I think you need to follow this app
Thanks for your comments

Which is perfect time to enter in crypto..
Someone say it's right time..
What you think about ETF ?
Tell me Which is best coin for invest now..

If you are crypto adviser than say me to follow you..


Dear @harshsahu I am not crypto adviser I am just a trader and I think you follow this app it's good for hints or updates


Thank you sir... 😊😊👍