GPU Mining — Is GPU Mining Still Profitable in 2017?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Part 1 of my video series on GPU Mining — Is GPU Mining Still Profitable?

My take on GPU Mining answering the question of is it still profitable? Answer … YES! Its very much still profitable. If you have any questions about GPU Mining just leave a comment or message me on twitter!


GPU Mining Calculators:

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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I think nowadays altcoin mining become faded. Since mining is not a good solution for scaling up the altcoin. The altcoin is going to change from POW to POs. And there are more and more ICO with fixed amount of tokens. So the future of mining is not so optimistic...

Hey Tiny thanks for the feedback! But I have to say I still think we are ways away from altcoin mining going away. Ive seen these types of comments for years now. But here we are still talking about how profitable it is to GPU mine.

Has it always been profitable to do GPU mining? No. Have some coins switched over to POS from POW? Yes. Will there always be available coins to mine via POW? Most likely. Will all altcoins move to POS? No.

I cant agree with you that gpu mining is going to go away soon, however I can agree that larger scale rigs are going to be needed. With the recent rise in gpu mining due to increasing coin prices the difficulties have increased as a very quick rate. AMD and NVIDIA are about to drop a cheaper GPU mining card that will most likely add even more to that. I do not think all altcoins will just switch over to POS overnight. And not all the ICOs (which most are crap anyway) have limited supply of tokens or do not allow the community to gpu mine them.

While most GPU miners are mining ethereum now there are so many other profitable coins in these markets to be mining. Most with future roadmaps that are very promising. If you look at alot of the roadmaps these coins have been out since 2014 and there still being mined today. As long as there proves a demand for these coins there will always be something to mine. And the recent increase in the overall crypto market cap is staggering and really shows this is just the beginning. Were entering a new stage of uncharted territory that no one cant predict what is really going to happen.

In the end I cant see the large community of miners out who have invested thousands or even hundreds of thousands just letting altcoin mining disappear. To me there will always be something to mine. It just comes down to how profitable it will remain.

Yh. Small scale mining is going to be over very soon .