This Time is Different...

Is this time REALLY different? Let's talk about what we can learn from the recent pumps on LINK, BEAM and GRIN, and how human psychology can really influence crypto trading. Let's also talk about why the KIN/KIK ICO battle brewing with the SEC might be big news for the other ICOs as well.


No way didn’t know you were on steemit. Nice to see you here brother. I watch all your videos on YouTube... You probably seen me commenting on YouTube on your livestreams.

Have a nice week, get ready for the freezing temps this week. Boy am I glad im in LA.

Yeah buddy! Don't think it's supposed to be too cold in NYC, so hopefully avoiding that whole deal

Yeah hopefully its not to bad in NYC.

Your my go to crypto YouTube channel.
If you guys arnt following this man your missing out.

You should post all your YouTube videos here as well.

From what I’m seeing on the news you guys are getting it pretty good out there. If you call 2 degrees with -13 wind chill ok. Boy am I glad im from LA 😁 were sitting at 68 rn. I couldn’t take that f***in cold. Keep Warm ganna be ugly few days.

There is now a global slowdown, so it's not just crypto crashing. I think the next big shock for the Western economies is right around the corner. China already dumping as well!

And look at how much money has flowed into Gold.


It will be great to see what KIN/KIK could do to set some precedent on the issue. Their problem was the size of the issuance but I think they have great factors that can help then prove they fall under an exemption although may get some slap on the wrist for not filing it.

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