RIP Bitconnect 😂☠☠

Ding dong Bitconnect is dead.. Goodnight sweet prince.. RIP in peace to the wonderful, considerate people of YouTube who loved you for your referral fees.

Video recently where I was told I was a "FUDer"


Finally, This scam is going down. I feel sorry for those that lost their funds but they were probably warned a dozen times!

2 months ago, I published 2 deep analysis on the topic (the first one went Viral with 7k+ views) trying to warn new investors.

Take a look if you want to understand why it was OBVIOUS it was a Ponzi Scheme.

Take care my CryptoFriends!

It's completely incomprehensible to me that Bitconnect still has a market capitalization of nearly $ 400 million. A company without a business and without a serious business concept is valued at 400 million, you have to imagine that. That is one third of themarket capitalization of Steem.

Every time this came up I’d warn people but too many people either didn’t believe me or thought they’d get out in time. IF ANYTHING PROMISES HIGH 10%+ REWARDS IT’S PROBABLY A SCAN! Sure some stocks, companies, etc. can say they’ll likely payout above 10% but NO ONE can promise these returns.

Thanks for steering people clear of this.. It was such an obvious ponzi it's not even funny

Right back at you, but let’s be real people shouldn’t need anyone telling them this was a scam. Crypto is the Wild West you’ve gotta guard you’re money!

I am sorry that so many people got hurt but but it had to happen for the cryptoshere to evolve. The Market needed to correct itself and shake off the bad actors. Does anyone remember the crash of 2008 and the Bernie Maydoff story? Yeah Google it bitches.

Is it really over? @cryptobobby

Stick a fork in it.. Anyone who is telling you it's not over is an idiot of epic proportions

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sounds legit, menel3dspamm.

Out of this world post and video! Thank you so VERY much for sharing! Hasta la vista! Two thumbs up my Friend! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Everyone finally realizing it was a shitcoin

I'm here to talk back to all of this hip-hip hooray over nothing. Did you actually use Bitconnect? If not, why does any warning from you or anyone else for that matter even mean a thing? Coming from someone who used the humble service (1% a day is actually less than what'd you gain from investing in crypto anyway), there was nothing to be afraid of. Again, Bitconnect was not proven a scam. You celebrate nothing but the fall of a potentially amazing service because you were afraid. How pitiful, in my opinion. I can cite where Bitconnect shared that they'd halt only the lending and exchange services due to:

  1. Consistent bad press (thanks for that)
  2. Cease & desist orders from NC and Texas security boards (um, why didn't every state put out an order? Can anyone come forth saying they were harmed by BCC?)
  3. DDoS attacks (my understanding is that they were bombarded with tech assaults on their platform for whatever reason -- very lucky no one else has to deal with that)

If you can rightfully say I was in danger because of Bitconnect after using it, I'll concede. But from my point of view, the sphere bullied a pretty straightforward operation (and you people trust Ripple? owned by all the banks we're trying to avoid on a decentralized platform? and shitcoins like doge???) and for that, I'm completely disappointed.

You are incomprehensibly silly my friend.

I have been calling Bitconnect for what it is for months, a blatant ponzi scheme. Now Bitconnect ran away with your Bitcoin, and provided you nearly worthless BCC, and you're still defending them. LOL.

I hope Trevon James, Craig Grant and all these promoters of this obvious ponzi will go to prison, seriously. Imagine how many people lost money just because of their greed. Sure those people didn't do their own due diligence. Nevertheless, the promoters have misled many into it. Imagine someone would've promoted sth similar in the Stock Market. They would be in prison before you can say bitconnneeeeeeeect.

Very true. There’s a few YouTube personalities that I had to check out just to see if they had reactions. Everything eventually comes to light.

They are no different than the TV Evangelist. "A fool and his money are soon parted" Nobody forced anyone to invest in bitconnect, so they cant prosecute. The IRS took it down, because they werent getting ant tax$$$$ from them, like Coinbase, Plus it was a ponzi, to begin with- No different than our Federal Reserves "Fractional lending" policies.


Why people need to lend their money on Bitconnect, Why not direct it to bitcoin and ether, just buy and HODL.

Trevon james never did anything to share knowledge , he only did to get his referrals make money. I never believed him.

Today over 1.500.000 people lost more than 1 billion USD because of shutdown of the platform, many of them their life savings. There are a handful of, now VERY rich, people that are responsible for this (they did not lose anything).

lending is over they will be back with something

People had sufficient time to get out, it didn't happen all of a sudden. The entire Steem community warned each other that it was going down soon, whether it is a scam or not I don't want to explain. This is what was happening it finally got burried!

If anyone had invested on Bitconnect, I guess you gotta take your money out now before the coin blows-up. Most likely it will disappear in an hour or a couple of hours or a day or a couple of days or if its strong enough maybe a week or so. I guess you can check it yourself and investigate what's going on especially when you invested a lot on Bitconnect. In my opinion, those coins/tokens with affiliate programs attached to them would most likely end up in struggle and in the long run will fade away slowly by slowly.

All the top 25 coins/tokens on I'd seen lately have no affiliate programs attached to those coins/tokens. The top 26 is Binance with affiliate program attached to it as we all know. If Binance won't stop its affiliate program, it will not survive in the long haul in my opinion. Why? Its because many affiliates would take advantage of this program especially those experts in affiliate marketing. They would advertise like crazy even to the point of creating some fancy ads (sometimes over descriptive even to the point of not related to the company they're promoting) of any sort to get huge signups. How much more if the affiliate program has also an MLM attached to it, it will be much worse.

Sorry I had to repost this meme I made for you a few weeks ago as it is much more fitting now then when I originally created it.

And the Bitconnect Shills are down for the count... Crypto Bobby wins!

And this is the prime reason why people will start to create their own tokens. You can't trust no one including the State, centralized exchanges, Central Banks etc. True peer 2 peer...

I hear you. We need decentralized crypto exchanges out and active. It’s a sad day when anyone has their money disappear, hacked, or locked down in the crypto community.

RIP bitconnect and RIP all believers, including myself.

Luckily I only invested what I was prepared to lose.

Bitconnect was the example for all lending-platforms.
This Bitconnect scam makes other lending platforms lose all credibility in my opinion,
so I'm afraid we won't see any platform take over unless the platform explains why it could be sustainable.

Anyway I don't see it happening, feels bad.

Yup - actually just wrote about this. All these scams and ponzi schemes gotta go!

RIP bitconnect hypeman

very bad news indeed,especially to people who spent their savings for these freaking bitcoin!Hope they will find a way out for this.

Great news for the crypto community. This was a bunch of crap and I am glad it all came to an end.

Rough week for Crypto.

Finally! I mean I feel bad for all the people that kept pumping all their money into this and were blind sighted, but I got really annoyed with the "Crypto Influencers" who keep pushing these ponzi schemes.

It's sad because they have thousands of followers, and they are straight lying to them! And when somebody challenges them, their followers jump to the defence, because they don't know any better!

serves them right

Good job dear thanks for sharing

era de esperarse,no? yo tambien lo sufri:(

Amazing video,, good job

The risk for all coins is valid, but this will prevent you from leaving the system immediately by confiscating your pawn for a certain period of time. which in the beginning creates distrust.

according to the eye I do not invest my money on it. I put the limits for the bitcoin or alternative coins I bought from the stock market and I can say that the figure is buying and selling. The moment the access to the site is interrupted, such as when you are writing the following text on BitConnect, the money stays inside ...

Some on the internet are defending the system. and some of them refer to the videos they have taken from foreign sources, so they seem to have made a lot of investment and collect references.

you have to refer me to get any bitcoin so get the bitcoin, have you seen me? @cryptobobby

Id love to act surprised but i cant. How people didnt see this coming is beyond me.

Sorry, for someone out of the loop. Why is Bitconnect dead? I know it was a shill, but curious as to what makes it "dead".

Bitconnect is going to transform these lending platforms. I do not invest in these type of cryptos

I touched on this on one of your previous posts and I will say it again, the real economic loss in this investment occurred long before the lending platform shut down. It was the opportunity cost. The $100 I threw into this platform over the summer would have turned into $400-$500 worth of Bitcoin. So even getting the initial investment back would be bitter sweet as many would have similar US FIAT value but end up with less Bitcoin.

But why it close ? This scam is easy to maintain its service, just keeping give out BCC coin and all are ok.

This is a very big stuff... I want know how much it caused the damage...because that means many people are without their money now.

RIP in peace? sounds like something from the department of redundancy department :)

Haha it's a joke, it's redundant on purpose

some peole become death ...

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Wow, I'm surprised when people like Novogratz, Lee, and Paul warn against investing in Bitconnect that people still do! SMH

one of their adds:

I do not think that bitcoin is dead. What is happening to cryptocurrency world is global phenomenum. Even steem powet dollar has been going down and down in recent time. I am very concerned about Steemit future, because reasonable rewards are not been paid on posts any more. I follow and upvote you.

Incredible how people can live on scamming other people, no shame

The writing was on the wall for this a long time ago

And from the ashes of BITCONNECT, we have Davor Coin. Sounds like the same exact scam under a different name. AARGH

just digging and digging

Next up - Ethconnect!

A touch of sarcasm, perchance? (-:

Good post @cryptobobby keep it up

The people involved in Bitconnect don't look like cryptovestors.


Falling fast

RIP Bitconnect

The creators said that they are going to change goal of their blockchain. They are starting an exchange service so wait a bit until it crashes under 1$ and keep an eye on the project. Might be a good oportunity.

It was crazy that I signed up for an account days before it closed! Luckily I never sent any money.

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